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This component allows to post now playing track info to mIRC.

1. Copy mirc_foo.dll and mirc_foo.mrc to %appdata%\mIRC
2. Copy foo_mirc.dll to foobar2000\components
3. Start mIRC and type:
/load -rs mirc_foo.mrc
4. Press Alt-R, switch to Variables tab and add the following line (you can also put here your own titleformatting script):
%foobar %artist% - %album%

To post now playing info, you can do one of the following actions:
  • type /foobar
  • select foobar2000 from the channel context menu

Download foo_mirc 0.1


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This is the only foobar plugin that actually works with unicode (japanese letters, etc) for mIRC. I don't understand why nobody even noticed this.


Reply #2
Nobody noticed this because we just use the copy command set to a global keyboard shortcut. Hit a key, paste, enter.

If you want several now-playing scripts, you can use foo_texttools.

Even better, this approach works with anything that will accept text, not just mIRC.


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Yes, but the global hotkey will not work with the annoying approach that stupid shitheads like to use, which is to say automatically spamming every track played to the channel, or even every channel you're idling in. I know one channel where several people engage in a now playing fight during the wee hours of the night, when nobody is actually around to see them. Except maybe me. I still don't know why I even idle there.


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Yikes. That sounds almost as bad as Twitter!


Re: foo_mirc

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Where can I find this? yikes, i found it!

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