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General Audio / Re: MQA (at least on Tidal Masters) sounds "muddy" to me. Am I nuts?
Last post by Wombat -
We had a long thread already about the MQA nonsense.
The only attempt for a fair comparison i know between MQA and non MQA was organized by Archimago at his blog. MQA sounding muddy was surely not the outcome.
At Tidal i doubt you can do comparisons easily because almost certainly the MQA versions are different masters and even if they come from the same nobody knows what things were exactly done to the MQA version.

Many glorifying reports on forums are coming from shills being part of fossilized gangs of the audio business hoping to make money like in the good old times.
I don't remember this video was linked here already:
RMAF 2018 - MQA: The Truth Lies Somewhere in the Middle
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Nisto -
@Case: Really unfortunate about the inability to automatically refresh the displayed tags. It worked in earlier versions - what has changed? Are you required to pre-create the external tags for it to work?

There seems to be some bugs. In my case, simply opening "edit file tags" and doing a "remove tags" on a FLAC file won't save the changes (I've looked at the actual file outside of foobar2000; it still has the same timestamp and binary data). Also, adding a new tag will remove all the tag data - yikes!
Vinyl / Re: Needle Drop?
Last post by JabbaThePrawn -
I've digitised a few hundred LPs, EPs and singles, and still don't have a word for it. "Rip" doesn't feel right, and "needle-drop" sounds like an expensive accident.
Support - (fb2k) / playlists (I mean bug)
Last post by zadane -
1/ Clicking on CUE file (disk 1 of two-disc set)
2/ Add file (CUE file for disk 2 of two-disc set)
3/ Save playlist (m3u)
I get this (list of M3U):
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 2).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 2).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 2).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 2).CUE
instead of wanted
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 1).CUE
1968 (03) Wheels Of Fire\Wheels Of Fire (Disc 2).CUE

Of course, I could use FPL playlist. Foobar treats correctly this playlist (and I don't mind its 7 times bigger.) 
But (Foobar or my Win7) cannot remember association with FPL files and no system facility (or reinstalling
Foobar or anything I know) can repair it.  This may look silly, but "manually" correcting m3u files 
(once after creating) is smaller problem for me than answering "use Foobar" every clicking FPL.

Any third way out (like debugging M3U creation)?
(As FPL works fine, algorithm for creating playlist when CUE files used  is already done.) 

Thanks, Marian
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by Case -
People offer alternate solutions because they try to help you. Would you prefer no replies or a simple "No" reply?

I'm pretty certain Peter has zero interest in adding a kiosk mode for foobar2000. If the kiosk mode is a setting in the program whoever has ill intentions can just as easily disable it as he can edit the settings in normal mode. If the simplification is wanted in an alternate product it already exists - Boom.

You don't want to hear this but IMO the best way to protect your files is to use access rights and give the suspicious user only read access.
Support - (fb2k) / Converter over-writing files with the same name [1.4.1]
Last post by Foobar3030 -
Recently tried to re-encode a soundtrack album stored in individual FLAC tracks, some of which have the same title. Under the 'if file already exists...' option, I always have 'Ask' selected. For file name output/formatting, I just use %title%.

As is often the case with soundtrack albums, several tracks had the same title (and thus file) name. The output was missing several tracks: After doing some experimenting, I've concluded that Foobar is now automatically over-writing earlier tracks with later tracks of the same name, whereas older versions would 'ask' me what to do in each instance. If I change the output track name to something like '%track% - %title%', it of course works fine and I do not lose any files.

tl;dr: I can only assume that the converter tool's 'ask' option is no longer functional, and it is instead defaulting to 'overwrite'.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by wcs13 -
Just a quick word to say that I'm sorry but I won't be addressing any questions focused around my GF's interests, abilities or whatever, based on I-don't-know-what empirical experience. That is not only off-topic but also inquisitive. If personal experience had any value, I could say "in my experience, foobar really needs this feature" and get away with it. So I'm moving on from such questions. Thank you.

Side info : I have dozens of tags and custom tags, and I can't/won't display all their contents on my main screen, so the Properties dialog is quite common use, for me or for anybody else. Say I'm listening to an audio file and I want to know not the artist but the composer. Or the source album name for a given song in case of a VA album. Or just some comments. All those things and more are accessible via Properties and nowhere else.

Actually "in my experience" (lol), it's often the same here when somebody makes a feature request : there are people trying to change the subject by not focusing on the feature itself but asking questions about the user instead : "why would you want to do that ?" / "why go through all this trouble ?" / "why don't you do this other thing instead ?" / etc.. Now I understand that good intentions may be involved, and I thank your for your interest. But just because some of you don't have any use for a given feature doesn't mean that everybody is like you. And just because some of you don't understand why somebody else would have any use for it, doesn't mean that those who would have a use for it need to justify themselves and explain to you in detail why they would.

I am only making a feature request here. I'm not really asking for help with the current foobar, nor for workarounds (I'll still make good use of some of the mentioned ideas, but only as a temporary solution).
And I'm not allowing questions about our (= me and my GF) personal life and habits, to try and dissuade me from making that - reasonable - feature request.
I didn't invent safe modes : they exist in a variety of software for a good reason. And a software as rich and powerful as foobar (with the ability to alter or delete thousands of files or tags at once) DEFINITELY deserves a safe mode.

Thanks for your understanding. :)
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