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Loudness analyze and tagging plugin/script?
Do you know any plugin or script that works like a "Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1", but instead of Dynamic Range it is able to analyze and write a tag for the "Loudness Range" (LRA) and "Integrated Loudness"?

I'm using a standalone "MusicScope" app, but I'd like an integrated solution.

The solution for tagging would be to use the report from the MusicScope (txt file) and get the value from it using some JScript (similar to what WilB's Biography script does for music genres...), but that's beyond my ability, I'm not an coder.

Thanks for suggestions

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Re: Loudness analyze and tagging plugin/script?
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I'd love to see this too, ITU and EBU loudness analysis. Only way to do it now seems to be by using a VST wrapper and a meter plugin.

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Re: Loudness analyze and tagging plugin/script?
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MusicScope can be connected using VST, but I do not need to watch it in real-time. I would like to analyze the files (the entire library) and save results in tags (for better library organization and comparison of different releases). It can be done manually, but it takes really a lot of time...