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Just the tag yes, you would have to go back to that menu after you calculated the RG to apply it if you'd like to edit the file, which by memory now I don't remember if you can apply it to the lossless files, I know for sure you can on lossy files.
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ThaCrip, usually wait until they ask to provide info they may not need because they may confuse instead of helping.

foobar2000 looks automatically for the \encoders folder, why would you made a C:\TEMP or any other folder outside where foobar2000 is aleady pointing at? Just copy the QTFiles/QTFiles64 inside the foobar2000's configuration's \encoders folder or inside the foobar2000's folder directly if it's in portable mode. Also you excluded the 64bit option which is faster, not by much but I prefer it for example and other may too, again, I'm telling you by experience, wait until they ask for the extra step so you can provide detailed info for exactly what they need in that particular case and you eliminate the risk of providing unneeded or misplaced information in advance.
Thanks a lot! That's what I was looking for.

The correct use for it is Right click on the album -> ReplayGain -> Scan selection (Plus DSP) and add a custom Equalizer preset right?
It affects only a tag right? or the FLAC itself?
Since it's inaudible,  I'd just leave it.    Unless you wanted to try some general noise reduction for the tape FM/tape hiss, which should kill that 19kHz tone too, since it would be included in your noise fingerprint.

A notch filter would generally give you more reduction, but at -87dB and 16-bits, if you can knock it down by 10 dB you'll be down to dead-digital silence.    So a low-pass filter is probably equally as good.

but thought that using a resampler like sox...
Down-sampling requires   low-pass filtering so there's no advantage to resampling and  downsamping (except for a smaller file).    If you could downsample without low-pass filtering (which no resampler will do) the 19kHz "signal" would simply be "aliased-down"  to a lower frequency.
Perfect thanks, never knew about the component, I always used the player in extremely basic mode without even adding the library, I wanted to use it like adding CDs (folders) one by one like I used to do with the stereo but every now and then I was adding the library to test if I would change my mind on how to use it and I always kept a personalized full screen multi panel theme.
I installed mp3gain and looking at the manual it seems it is not possible to write replaygain tags while using album tags. BUT perhaps I missed something.

according to the manual:

Code: [Select]
mp3gain optionally writes gain adjustments directly into the encoded data. In  this  case, the  adjustment works with all mp3 players, i.e. no support for a special tag is required. This mode is activated by any of the options -r, -a, -g, or -l.

 If none of the above options are given, the recommended gain change is instead written  to a  special  tag  in the mp3 file. In this case, the adjustment only works with mp3 players that support this tag.  Some mp3 players refer to this as ReplayGain.  The tag is  written either  in  APEv2  format  (default)  or in ID3v2 format (with -s i).  If you only want to print the recommended gain change (and not modify the file at all) you may use  the  -s  s (skip tag) option.

Can you please help? Thanks
Well the component hasn't been updated in years so it will still be inside the index-data folder.
Use foo_facets and enable a statistics columns showing plays per album. Then sort by column header to group all albums with 0 plays together. Then you can select the rest to make a playlist.

edit: just realised I wasn't awake when replying. What I said only works if there is at least one play per album, not every track.
Could any type of foobar wizardry achieve this? For aid, I have the <play count> tag. The idea would be to calculate something like: "all songs on this album contain at least 1 <play count>" and then I suppose, put them on a playlist, or display them on the album list menu.

If not, any other program you guys think could help?
That pilot tone is at -87dB. Good luck trying to head that above the normal signal.

You could also try a notch filter to filter out only the pilot tone.