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smaller speakers recommendation

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While one can in theory create a speaker with arbitrary bass extension with very small (5") drivers, what you can't get is what I'd call good dynamic range.

I know JBL claims a 4 dB greater, full range SPL output capability for the LCR308 vs the 305 (if memory serves) but according to NoAudiophile's measurements the sensitivity of the 308 is only slightly different, lower actually, and the woofer's amp is 56w for the 308 vs. 41 for the 305, an almost negligible 1.3 dB difference in output level for a stereo pair.
For a person like me who would be using a sub and doesn't care about bass extension in the main speaker (I'll be filtering it away, in fact, via my external crossover in an AVR), that stronger amp's extra 1.3 dB output hardly seems worth it considering the added bulk and expense of the 308s. Am I overlooking something or would the 305 be the better bet for my application? [Due to adjacent wall neighbors I don't play loudly, anyways, but in theory I might move to a different environment without neighbors.]

Re: smaller speakers recommendation

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Id like to add that having the exact same problem than you (foam dried up to broken point) I have openned them .
surprise those 3.8cm aluminium cones have written on the back Harman Kardon ... that´s where the quality appears...
There´s a chinese imitation I think is acceptable you can find it in ebay is exactly same measures 5.2cms screw to screw.
those guys copied even the plastic structure ! hehehe!

I was looking to substitute only the foam. If anyone has an idea where to find it let me know Id appreciate.
just an Electronic Engineer having fun


Re: smaller speakers recommendation

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Google recone, or foam surround maybe, lots of DIY out there, having a pro do it  gets expensive fast.

If you have a small room an old set of Cambridge sound works are pretty nice.

I'd skip the computer store for listening to speakers, rooms are way too big, far less than idea comparison environment. I check reviews and then keep an eye out at thrift shops, especially bigger GoodWill.