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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_sqlite
Last post by Chris Norman -
Thanks for the reply. I played a little bit around with the code.
Unfortunately the code doesn't suit my purpose. Your example compares on path but the path will be different because these are different files.

I had difficulties with the exists syntax and I tried a join instead. For speed reasons I created two temp tables:

Code: [Select]
AS SELECT DISTINCT artist,album,title,codec
FROM MediaLibrary;

AS SELECT DISTINCT artist,album,title,codec
FROM Playlist p
WHERE playlist_name='Test';

SELECT DISTINCT p.artist,p.album,ml.codec AS lib_codec,p.codec AS logs_codec
FROM Test p
JOIN ml_temp ml
ON ml.artist=p.artist

So this gives me a visual list of all albums which exist in Playlist "Test" and the media library.

Is there any way to have this fed back into a new Playlist "Result"?
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Why the cd wav ripped by WMP can't match any result?
Last post by korth -
Why just delete a sector?
Probably just a bug.

so the wav ripped by WMP can't be called "lossless"?
I performed the tests some time ago.
I would define the last track as truncated. One sector of silence missing (lost) from the end.
Appending one sector of null samples to the end of the last track (with audacity) was enough for CUETools to correctly identify the CD and verify. Of course any Track#1 pregap or data track info that existed for the original CD had to be manually entered for an AccurateRip match and without read offset correction in WMP, the AccurateRip results were offset but most of the tracks verified as accurate.
General Audio / Re: Need Advice To Replace iTunes mp3 with FLAC
Last post by DVDdoug -
now I'm stuck with all this iTunes mp3 crap to replace.   Full albums, so I paid full price for garbage quality.
If you bought from iTunes you have AACs, not MP3s, and they should be good quality.    MP3s from Amazon or other reputable sites should also be good quality.    If you ripped them yourself, or someone ripped them, they could be lower quality.

Most good-quality AACs & MP3s will sound identical to the uncompressed original (in a proper blind ABX Test).    If can hear a difference, it's usually hard to hear a difference, and even harder if you listen to the MP3 today and the FLAC next week.

You might try buying a few of the most "important" CDs, rip them to FLAC and compare.    If you hear a difference, try the ABX test to make sure you're not fooling yourself.

...I don't do ABX testing but every time I've thought I heard an MP3 compression artifact, it's turned-out that the CD has the same "defect".   

My question is, where is the best place to pick up used (I did already pay full price, after all) CD's that are consistently in good enough quality to get a good rip?
I think I've only purchased used CDs from Amazon a few times.    The bad thing is, they are sold by 3rd parties so you don't get the free shipping.   After you pay the shipping you're around half the price of a new one.    Maybe you can find someplace that sells used CDs with free shipping (with a minimum order).
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Why the cd wav ripped by WMP can't match any result?
Last post by hintlou -
To check what TOC CUETools used for the RIP during verify, set 'Create TOC files' to 'True' on the 'Advanced' tab in settings. 'In source folder' also needs to be checked under 'Verify' on the 'AccurateRip' tab. This will create a filename.toc file in the source folder after you verify a RIP. You can open the file with a text editor such as notepad and compare that TOC to the TOC in the extraction log file from the EAC rip.
From my tests WMP leaves one sector off the end of the last track. This changes the length and CUETools cannot properly identify the CD. Any Track#1 pregap or data track info that existed would also be missing to identify the CD.
thanks for your tests!u unraveling my doubts all along!so the wav ripped by WMP can't be called "lossless"?

edit: removed double quote
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Why the cd wav ripped by WMP can't match any result?
Last post by hintlou -
Why the cd wav ripped by WMP can't match any result? I rip some cd to wav files by WMP,but these albums can't not match to the same cd in cuetools or  AccurateRip.why? Why the EAC can but WMP can't? there're something information lost in WMP-ripped-wav when ripped by WMP?

Short story: Do not use WMP.

Longer story, you will find the details by googling:
CDs were intended to have a 2 second gap between the tracks. But it need not be silent.
That gap is "Index 0" of the track. Music starts at index 1.
Upon ripping, the "gap" is typically appended to the previous track, because then music starts when you start at the track (like on a CD player).
If the index is not the default two seconds (exactly!), then it is too hard to guess what the table of contents was, and CUETools, won't find it.
But if CUETools finds an EAC log or a cuesheet, it can.
WMP does not produce the EAC log or the cuesheet.

Try to dump the EAC log and the EAC-generated cuesheet into the folder with the WMP rip. Sometimes that is enough for CUETools to know it.

thanks!yeah,i never rip cd in WMP.but one of my friends used.i said eac is the best choice WMP is the worst,but he never listen to what i said.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_lyrics3
Last post by sveakul -
Using version 0.5 with Foobar 1.4, with only the unsynched built-in sources active; the,, and Online DB: Google Search sources all produce results (vast majority come from lyrics.wikia).

Experience with other 3rd-party extra sources add-ons for foo_uie_lyrics3:

1.  foo_lyricsource:  installed using the instructions at , installed the foo_lyricsource.dll to Components and dropped the 2 other dll's referenced into the Foobar root directory.  The extra source,, shows up in the Lyrics Show 3 selection panel, but does not pull lyrics, including those easily found at the website itself.  May not be compatible with the 0.5 version of foo_uie_lyrics3.  The "get_lyric.exe External Command" source was not installed/tested.

2.  foo_lrc_metalarchives (,108084.0.html): installed and pulling lyrics, you need the 0.3 version at last post in thread.

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