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General - (fb2k) / Any way to display the playback queue?
Last post by Erratic -
I seem to recall (a long time ago) maybe mistakenly  there was a way to view the playback queue as a playlist iifc.
It seem strange not to know whats going to play next, if you've forgotten what you or someone else added to the queue (not talking about playlists) otherwise.

Is there anyway to do this (I thought maybe with an auto playlist).
General - (fb2k) / Re: Not updating tags
Last post by slayerist -
Maybe you checked "Preserve file modification date" option in MP3Tag?

Sorry for not mentioning earlier but;
Foobar updates all the tags as it is tagged with mp3tag on the fly as soon as i change folder's name on windows explorer.
(images attached)

My bad, i can't seem to find that "Preserve file modification date" option on mp3tag  ::)
General Audio / Re: Once and for all .. Chromecast Audio device with Foobar
Last post by transonic -
Foobar2000 doesn't have a Chromecast plugin as far as I know.  However, you can use Bubbleupnp to make the Chromecast appear as a upnp device, which foobar can stream to.  See this:

So I followed the guide and installed everything. It works fine for about 5 minutes when the foobar audio is disconnected and the Chromecast returns to the home screen. Did I miss something or what is going on here?

General - (fb2k) / Not updating tags
Last post by slayerist -
Hello all,

I have been using foobar and mp3tag for the past 4 years with no problem.
Can't tell when foobar statred not to update tags such as genre, release type.

Every tag seems correct when i look upon with mp3 tag but when it comes to foobar it seems there's no change in tags.
(please see attached images)

I have tried everything (deleted library, deleted index, did full rescan several times)
So far  the only workaround is to change tags within foobar, then it displays everything correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?

Thanks in advanced,

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