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Playlist tools (Harmonic Mixing)

Hey guys, I'm currently trying to wrap my head around RegorXXX's Playlist Tools.
I've got a playlist that I'm trying to harmonically mix, however I can't really tell if this is actually happening because my playlist columns isn't reading <INITIALKEY> and or <BPM> Which I also need help with..
Anyway, so I load up a playlist, hit playlist tools, scroll down to playlist manipulation, hit harmonic mix and harmonic mix from playlist.
This re-arranges my playlist somehow, but when I right click on the properties of each song in sequential order for e.g.
Edwin Birdsong - A3 - If I Ever (The key is in apparently Em)
The next song after that
Deniece Williams - B2 - They say (The key is in Dm)
My immediate thought was that it should've arranged a track +5 semitones higher to give it that harmonic ''boost''.
Anyway, I think I'm doing something wrong.
Anyone that could help would be very much appreciated.

I ran test tools and this is what it gave me:
List of pairs of tags from the report (tag,value;...).
Ready to be copied to exclusions window or properties panel.
In any case you must check them one by one, and only add those needed.

(1) Values without problems identified:


(2) Values with problems reported:


Queries needed to find the tracks with errors.
You may use them in search or facets panels.

what a mess

Re: Playlist tools (Harmonic Mixing)

Reply #1
According to the screenshot you sent me, you are not setting the columns right.

You put 'KEY' Into the title field, but your image didn't show the Display script tab. If it's empty, obviously it shows nothing!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You have a fancy script at 'presets\UI\CUI\Camelot_Keys.txt' Btw, which will convert the keys into camelot keys and add color codes.
Instead of putting %KEY%, you would add the scripts:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Re: Playlist tools (Harmonic Mixing)

Reply #2
About your question if it's working... I'm 99% confident it works as it should be (unless I accidentally added a typo on a key or something like that); add the columns as stated and you will see tracks grouped by keys in some pattern.

Em and Dm are 2 numbers apart from each other on the camelot wheel. 9A and 7A.

My immediate thought was that it should've arranged a track +5 semitones higher to give it that harmonic ''boost''.
Why? You are expecting an specific pattern and already told u that makes no sense. Every DJ would follow a different pattern for the same tracks. Harmonic mixing is not about following an specific boost, neither going down to top or the opposite. I just use harmonic rules, create a pattern for it and apply it. It will obviously be different every-time, and will never match what a DJ would do.

I had never seen a recommendation to go up or down 5 semitones...

You are overthinking here, the mix is simply made to sound right and show a natural progression between tracks. If it does that right, then it works as intended. If you try to analyze every track key change, that's not the point...

The tools you have run report missing tags, you are mixing things here. Read more carefully the readmes before using the tools. And the output queries are clearly telling you they will show tracks with those tags missing.