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Improved ADPCM encoder

I was recently working on an industrial project that used DVI/IMA ADPCM to store canned audio samples. I was noticing some artifacts in some of the samples and thought that the dynamic noise shaping from WavPack lossy would make a big improvement, and it did. I also implemented a lookahead feature to find the optimum coding based on future samples (ffmpeg has this too, enabled with the -trellis option, although the implementations are different).

Anyway, this all works pretty well together so I decided to package it up and put it on Github in case anyone else might find it useful. ADPCM is not a generally useful format any more, but I understand it's still used in some applications like games and it's nice for some embedded projects because the decoder requires no multiplies and fits in just a few dozen lines of C code! And it seems that just about everything that handles WAV files will plays them.

The Github project includes binaries for Windows and Mac. This version is slightly newer than the one I posted here.

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