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General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by Porcus -
but do not wish to display them in the main playlist view because I find that the album list looks cleaner with only artist and album, and if all entries have similar, compact length.
So the issue boils down to: you would have wished for a more complex pattern to group by, but not show as headline more than Artist - [year] Album? Like, in your screenshot, you want the two Vangelis albums to show as two separate albums but each having the same headline Vangelis - [1988] Direct?

But after posting here, I realized a couple of obvious things. 1) I can use a custom tag field with no contents to split off releases manually.

Here is a possible solution using an "invisible" character rather than "no contents". The headlines will not be the "same" as textstring, but the difference will be invisible to you:
"Convert" the contents of your uniquely-identifying auxiliary tags (Albumversion, Edition, Catalog #, ...) to a (just as unique) number of zero-with spaces and include that in your grouping pattern at the end of the Artist - [year] Album string.
I did not test this other than throwing a bunch of zero-width spaces at the end of the "Album" of one single track: foobar2000 distinguishes that as a unique album title, and it is "invisible" in the group headline as zero-width spaces are.

And, furthermore: while ordinary spaces at the end are removed by Properties -> right-click -> Clean up, zero-width spaces are not.
Something causes you to get cached results. I'll attach the file here temporarily.
Vinyl / Re: 33 vs 45rpm -- Technical Differences
Last post by Porcus -
This thread was first prompted by my seeing several 'audiophile' releases of albums, where a typical LP had been spread across two 45rpm records on account of its purported benefits to sound quality.
Ah, my good old . Which did sound better than my Master of Puppets LP sure ... and that could have quite a lot of different explanations, like e.g. length (MoP side B is 28 minutes, was that maybe a bit long?), the other LP is a picture disc, and it was bought second-hand (wear - the joy of vinyl!).
And, the 2x45 was direct metal mastered; I am sure you will still find discussions on whether DMM makes for a "harsh, too digital" sound (weasel words, moi?), but different masterings is always a point in itself: you cannot expect a "remastered" 2x45 to sound identical to an LP pressed thirty years earlier. Whether or not the "audiophile" pressings avoids using the phrase "remaster" on the sleeve.

But then I guess the 7" vs 12" format discussion was not a part of your question?

When I try this link :

==> There is a dll inside, but its date is 08/05/2016 (1.0 version)
General Audio / Re: BatchEncoder (Audio Conversion GUI)
Last post by wisodev -
BatchEncoder v3.1 has been released today.


- Added auto select tool in configure tools dialog.
- Added validation for loaded configuration files.
- Improved configuration files loading and saving.
- Fixed $OPTIONS not being set properly.
- Fixed delete all items crash in formats dialog.
- Fixed delete all items crash in tools dialog.

Download portable version:

Download installer version:

Hi, Thanks for the response.

D1 via USB is limited to 24/96, I have some FLAC in 24/192, so I switched from the USB to optical.
When using Realtek driver there is no click. However, I have to chose the rate and bit depth in shared mode. If I pick 24/192 then everything gets re-sampled, and if I pick 16/44.1 then all the 24/96 & 24/192 recordings are degraded. WASAPI is supposed to give bit-perfect playback and that's what I want. I'm trying to get away from the computer doing any decoding, that's why I went with an external DAC.
Noted, thanks for reporting.
Both uploaded component files are verified to be v1.0.2. A redownload should solve any potential caching problem you saw.
I'd just connect the D1 to the computer with USB. Exact same quality as with the optical but with much less problems.

Also you shouldn't bother using WASAPI. It's only necessary to transfer compressed formats like DTS and AC3 bit-perfectly for external receiver for decoding. Doing that also makes little sense as it only introduces new sets of problems. Simplest way to operate is the best, decode everything in computer and enjoy gapless clickless playback.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: CD Ripping Problems
Last post by Case -
Only explanation I can think of is that your converter is set up in such a way that all tracks use the same name. When you are in the CD ripping dialog you can pick an existing preset at the bottom right corner. You should use settings that ensure unique names. And paths if you rip more than one CD at a  time.

I recommend making a custom preset for use with ripper, Under Destination configure the target directory with the "Specify folder" setting and for file name use for example this: [%album artist%\][%album%\]%tracknumber%. %title%

Save the preset with a descriptive name so you can find it easily in the ripping dialog in the future.