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Which Windows-based audio player do you use most?

[ 199 ] (74.8%)
[ 9 ] (3.4%)
Winamp (and compatibles, ie. MediaMonkey, etc.)
[ 25 ] (9.4%)
XMPlay (and BASS derivatives, ie. 1by1, AIMP, Potplayer, etc.)
[ 5 ] (1.9%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
J River Media Centre
[ 7 ] (2.6%)
Windows Media Player
[ 1 ] (0.4%)
[ 5 ] (1.9%)
[ 3 ] (1.1%)
Other (Please mention which in a comment)
[ 12 ] (4.5%)

Total Members Voted: 297

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2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll

Reply #25
Foobar2000 on the desktop and windows side of the laptop. I use Rhythmbox on the Ubuntu side of the laptop but  would something something as Foobar2k as like as possible, just have not looked at the alternatives available yet.

2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll

Reply #26
Main usage: FB2K with DFX 9 Audio enhancer.

All audio software in use in my PC:
- FB2K (as mentioned, because of Facets Database, Shpeck, great TAK support, and much more. A real monsterous audio machine    ).
- Winamp (for V2M, Shoutcast and looks).
- XMPlay (for esotheric module codecs, not very often).
- Others:
-- ModPlug Player (modules, not very often though, since I have DUMB Module component in FB2K).
-- DeliPlayer (Amiga Modules, not very often, I Don't have much on my PC).
-- MegaMID (MS-DOS Sound Blaster MIDI files, like the above - not very often).

I also have JetAudio which I don't use at all. I have this because of 2 COWON products I own.

2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll

Reply #27
I use Daum PotPlayer, but as a video player. Much better than VLC.

Have been using FB2K since its infancy.

2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll

Reply #28
I use Winamp for critical listening because of the adapt-x plugin.


2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll

Reply #29
Used to use WinAmp, but occasionally it froze or crashed, which could have been PC problem but couldn't cure it, so removed it.
Then started using iTunes about 3-4yrs ago, which was easy to use but not flexible enough, used to change settings without asking during upgrades & wouldn't play .flac files.
Tried FB2K, can't see the attraction tbh, too geeky out of the box & I couldn't be bothered reading a manual & help pages all the time. Anyway, each to their own I guess.
Settled on MusicBee - easy to use straightaway & able to tweak n change as you go.

Also use a mixture of EAC, TagScanner, Audacity & dBpoweramp Reference on wav-flac-mp3 files.