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AAC Encoder with REAL CBR output


I need an AAC encoder that generates a real CBR file and not any VBR constrained or what so ever.
The reason for this is that the hardware we use to play the files only plays CBR enconded files, any other VBR or ABR doesn't work at all. Actually it also has to be encoded at 48Khz instead of the more normal 44,1Khz one but that is only the next step.

I already tried NeroEncoder, enc_aacplus, faac, qaac  and Max (for OSX) and from all of these just Max has been able to produce it.
Since I need to batch generate a great number of files a comand line version in Linux would be prefered.

It may be that I'm doing just something wrong with those encoders, so if anyone has been able to generate CBR files I really would appreciate your input.