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different albums arts in diferent players


I want to embed cover album art to my flac tracks. some tracks, I have,have already a album art. I tried to change these album arts in mp3tag  under windows.If I play the track with the changed album art in winamp . it shows correct changed album art but I play it i.e. in VLC . it shows the former album art. I tried to change album art in flac and meta flac command line package under linux with the command
Code: [Select]
flac -f abc.flac --picture=cover.jpg
Code: [Select]
metaflac --import-picture-from=cover.jpg abc.flac
but it still the same. I was just wondering that the former album art was  didnt embed as front cover but maybe  as back cover and VLC shows back cover. I mean in flac  in command --picture it can set up to embed back cover also(in specifikation). i dont understand whats the different between the command
flac -f  abc.flac --picture=cover.jpg and the command metaflac --import-picture-from=cover.jpg abc.flac becouse both embed the picture in the file.
Do you know some software to do this write? or is the problem players?
thank you


different albums arts in diferent players

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I can't help with the coding question, but I am curious whether you've played the changed files in VLC previously. Maybe VLC is displaying cached album art for already-played tracks?
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