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Questions about AAC LTP

For a long time I can't to find the answer for  this question...

Nokia Multimedia Player (Nokia PC Suite 6) is able to convert only WAV files with following parametres:

Format: AAC
Version 4
Format Profile: LTP
Bitrate mode: Constant (!!!!!!!!!)
Bitrate: 128 kbps

I was interested by these options. First of all - Constant Bitrate. But other options in this program are not present, therefore it is necessary to use only default 128 kbps.

It is exact not FAAC and, it is probable not Psytel. Is it so?   

Unfortunately I could not find in the Internet of analogues AAC LTP with CBR mode. There are VBR and ABR only.
Sounding AAC LTP CBR was pleasant to me, and here my main question:
Whether there are encoders in LTP - analogues Nokia Multimedia Player, only with more different options CBR and where I can download them?

I want , for example, to code to AAC LTP CBR 256, 288 or 320 kbps