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New matroska pack 1.1.0 released

The matroska team released version 1.1.0 of their 'famous' playback packs for M$ DirectShow, allowing playback of MKV/MKA files on Windows using such players. It can be found at the usual place at

Here a list of supported formats :
    * DivX 3/4/5
    * XviD
    * WMV7/8
    * H.264

but the pack also adds playback support for

    * Vorbis using FFDShow (for Ogg Vorbis audio files, install also the Ogg Splitter
      from Tobias Waldvogel or illiminable, or use MPC's built in splitter )
    * AAC and AAC+SBR (HE-AAC) audio, using FFDShow
    * AC3 audio, using FFDShow
    * FLAC lossless audio, using FFDShow
    * Wavpack a great lossless audio codec supporting hybrid mode
      (with + without loss) ; installed are wavpack decoder and parser, for .wv files
    * TTA another lossless audio codec
    * Subtitles, using vsfilter (DVobSub)

The previous version, 1.0.3, was downloaded about 850,000 times, all together we had 1.3 Million downloads since the packs were started with version 1.0.1.

Changes to previous version :

- Haali's matroska splitter is now used, instead of Gabest's splitter, including
    * integrated audio stream switcher ( has been removed )
    * splitter for MP4 and extended AVI container ( to be activated in setup menu )
- CoreVorbis, CoreFLAC and CoreAAC have been removed, ffdshow is decoding
  these audio types now also

Have fun

matroska project admin

New matroska pack 1.1.0 released

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Pack Version 1.1.1. is available. It fixes some issue with the 1.1.0 pack, when on some PCs the old gabest splitter was not uninstalled properly.


New matroska pack 1.1.0 released

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Sorry for the idiotic question, but the playback support for AAC, WV and FLAC with ffdshow works for audio only files outside a matroska container or only for audio muxed inside a matroska container?

New matroska pack 1.1.0 released

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WavPack-support is not included in ffdshow, but in the matroska pack through the wavpack decoder/parser. So it works outside the matroska container too.
Flac should work too, but aac only in association with activated mp4-support in the haali splitter included in the pack.


New matroska pack 1.1.0 released

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FLAC will work only in the 1.1.1 pack as we re-added CoreFLAC. We didnt realize that the ffdshow decoder in the 1.1.0 version would of course not be able to allow that, and it will also miss the nice FLAC ENcoder filter coming in jcsston's great CoreFLAC filterset, so we decided to add it back.

For AAC, only AAC in MP4 will work and only when for Haali's splitter MP4 support was activated during setup.

CoreWavpack will give full Wavpack playback capability to any DShow player, thanks to Toff's great work.

matroska project admin