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Topic: Free h.264 VfW codec by Dicas (Read 22170 times) previous topic - next topic
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Free h.264 VfW codec by Dicas

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I'm going to try this
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Free h.264 VfW codec by Dicas

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I did a short unscientific test with this.

Video: 640x256, 25 fps, 400 kbps

Looks pretty good for a beta (alpha?) with cbr encoding only and is much faster than I expected.

Free h.264 VfW codec by Dicas

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seems that im to late, its locked now 
does anyone have free h.264 VwF codec, Baseline profile only??

thnks in advance


Free h.264 VfW codec by Dicas

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According to Doom9 forum MPEG-4 sticky:
"- Baseline Profile offers I/P-Frames, supports progressive and CAVLC only"
thats mean you need to turn off CABAC and use 0 b frames.

EDIT: btw, the Dicas h264 vfw is too old, and the quality is worst than old version of x264(before core 50).