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New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

Hi guys. There is a new DivX & Xvid hardware player available!! It also plays MP3s, WMA and Ogg. It features a removable pc hard disk which is REPLACEABLE!! Yes, you can put in your own hard drive!! Hard drive may be formatted with NTFS or FAT32 file system!! Guess what the price is? 200 Dollars!!
I wish I had 200 dollars with me now 

New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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I noticed they sell these at a local computer store for AUD$319.  Looks tempting

New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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Hmmm, I wonder if it can play Xvid with 3 warp points?

It looks neat-o except for the fact that it can only be hooked up via usb2 and cannot be networked. You'll have to constantly move it back to your computer to load up more movies.  However, it does have component video out!

New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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Ah, just found my own answer.

TViX dose not support all video formats.
  Currently, only the following formats are supported,
    DiVX 3.11, 4.X, 5.X ( without QPEL / GMC )
    XViD ( without QPEL / GMC )
    MPEG 1
    MPEG 2

New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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i wonder how long till they release one of these based on geexbox or movix or something similar.  all we need is something that'll run mplayer for us, and we're set.

this one looks good though - i can definitely live without qpel and GMC (GMC is too slow for not enough gain, at least on my slow machine).

the USB only thing is worrying.  i only have USB 1, which means i'd be doing all-night uploads.  i guess it's quicker to whack the hard disk in your box to get the files across?  would that void the warranty?

New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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i guess it's quicker to whack the hard disk in your box to get the files across?  would that void the warranty?
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I guess not. They sell just the empty boxes so that you can fit in your own hard drive.

New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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All my new encoding are XviD and mp4.  Will these players handle my XviD Files?


New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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I couldnt see any real specs on the decoder chips and such its using, so im wondering if it will have problems with some things that the players these days have problems with, like different xvid matrix, and being picky about b-frames.

The player itself sounds interesting, but for that price you mayswell get an Xbox. When its modded, you not only can play the 'few and far between' fun games but the ability to play almost any sort of movie file you can on your pc. The Xbox isnt much more expensive either.

Jen - It depends on your settings, since im not sure what its using to decode the movie files i cant say for sure. If you want to try to keep compatiblity, you could always make sure you stick with the mpeg or h263 matrix and use 1 b-frame packed which is what DivX uses. Well, if it supports AAC (i admit i didnt look real hard to find out) i suppose it should support the mp4 container, a bit doubtful but as this would be the first player to do it and it doesnt seem to have earth shattering technology from my glanse at the pages.

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New Hardware DivX & Xvid player

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I think the only players that support the mp4 container are the ones with the new Nero hardware.