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Fluendo release the 1st Flumotion Streaming Server

Fluendo is a company specialized in delivering products and consulting services on Unix and Linux multimedia. Their flagship product is their streaming media server, Flumotion.

Flumotion is a modern streaming media server built with a modular distributed design. This gives you unprecedented stability and scalability in offering your customers high-quality streaming media. Flumotion includes support for both emerging media format standards, such as Ogg/Theora, and traditional formats such as MPEG-4. This means that you can be assured your customers will be able to receive your media streams without having to download extra software to do so.

Fluendo supports the development of the GStreamer multimedia framework, which is emerging as the standard media framework on Unix and Linux platforms. Our staff includes some of the core GStreamer developers, resulting in a unique advantage for delivering first class solutions to our partners and customers.

This makes Fluendo your natural choice as a development partner, whether you deploy your solutions on high-end servers, personal computers, or embedded systems.

You can now download the first release of the free version of the Flumotion Streaming Server[/color]. This release gives users access to the basic features of the server and demonstrates its distributed capabilities. They will follow up with a release within a couple of weeks to address some of the remaining issues and fix items that our users discover.

Download the tarball and md5 file here. If you are running Fedora 2 you can get a full set of RPMS and needed dependencies from the GStreamer apt repository.


Fluendo release the 1st Flumotion Streaming Server

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So Theora is finally gaining momentum. This is good for Fluendo and Xiph.