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Need Help on foo_freedb2


As the title described, I need some help on using foo_freedb2 component. I believe this is a bundled component with foobar2000.

The problem I encountered is that the result the component queried from freedb (or gnudb) is incorrect sometimes. For example, if I select multiple files and query, it returns data of the correct album. However, if I combine these files into one single file (by using the convert utilities in foobar2000), querying on the combined file returns incorrect data. For some other album whose tracks are combined in a single file, it might return correct results.

I have visited the wiki page for the component, but it did not describe how the component works.

Wiki page:

I searched the forum for similar questions, but there is no answer either.

Similar questions:,121246.msg1000069.html#msg1000069

I tried to manually search on gnudb web pages and I could find the information I need. Is there a way I could control what data foo_freedb2 sends to gnudb? Could you add this information to the Wiki page?