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track position consistency in list pane

I'm trying keep my track field in the same position each new track. This works well enough on random in a long list with not nearly as long a pane. Each new track not in the current view of list will center itself when playing. Whether it's centered or top-aligned, I'd like to have every currently playing track to be in the same position in the pane. I currently use a set of placeholder files that stack the height of my list pane so that when a new track randomly plays, it's never within the range of the list edge to fall outside of being centered, if you know what I mean. I think top-alignment would work best, and allow a buffer at the end of the list so you can still pull the last actual audio track in the list all the way up to be top-aligned. The placeholder files I use occasionally load the image file which breaks the chain of track to track. If there was a way to spatially buffer the list without files, or a way to select files in a playlist to not play/be selected for random/shuffle play or any order for that matter. Can someone help me with this? Thank you.

Re: track position consistency in list pane

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I realized I can use the status bar well for this purpose, derp!

Re: track position consistency in list pane

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Alternatively the window title bar, which can be title-formatted as well.

Or, if you want maximum customization, UI component Spider Monkey Panel allows you to practically draw anything based on tags, album or information you can retrieve online. A stripped-down version of the example Track Properties script might allow you to create a visually pleasing "now playing" track display at a predictable screen location.