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[Skinning] More advanced information on skinning?


Now I'm creating a new skin for foobar2000 mobile, optimized especially for notch display with 19.5:9 aspect ratio such as recent iPhones.

With the help of many already published nice skins and readme references,
my skins are getting pretty close to my ideal (see a screenshot at the bottom).

I think the current skin is sufficient for use on small displays such as iPhones and Android smartphones,
but more information could be displayed on larger displays such as iPads and PCs.

Therefore, I have a few questions to ask in order to improve the current skin:

1) How can I access and display more detailed tag and playback information including Sample rate, Bits per sample, Bitrate, Codec, Lossless or Lossy, ReplayGain, playback device name, etc.?
I tried googling, but could not find any way to access other than basic information such as song titles, album titles, and artist names.

2) Are there any other "state names" besides "playing" and "classical" that can be used for dynamic skinning with if statements?

3) Are there any general comparison operators or basic functions available for more advanced skinning?
For example, I would like to implement a display that changes according to the song's Sample rate or Bits per sample, or a dynamic change in background color according to the color of the album artwork.

4) Is it possible to add a skin switcher function to the playback screen menu? If possible, it would be great if the feature could be added in a future update.

Any information, no matter how trivial, would be appreciated.
Also, any advice or requests for the skin would be very encouraging to me.