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Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)

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Puzzling!! I just copied folders of musepack and wavpack tracks to the internal Music folder on my Moto 5 5G and was able to play them from within foobar with no issues. As stated, this is Android 11 with all the available updates installed.

Edit: I should really know what the phone is!! It's a Moto G 5G Plus, not quite 2 years old. It's the 4GB/64GB variant with a 256GB microSD card.

Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)

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I can only recommend using 'foobar2000 music folder' for all your media, which resides in foobar2000 profile (which means, gets deleted with removal of foobar2000 and cannot be managed with other apps). It's free of all these annoyances and doesn't require ridiculously complex Java code on my end to access.
It's /data/data/com.foobar2000.foobar2000/data/Music, OK?
Non-rooted users cannot access there. How nice.

Android 11's scoped storage enforcement is so ridiculous that I really want to throw Android away but I'm afraid there's no better alternatives...

Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)

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Could anyone try VLC with renamed file1.wv.mp3 / file2.ape.mp3 / file3.mpc.mp3 ?
Asking because desktop VLC ignores file extension.

It's a weird decision by Foobar2000 mobile devs to override this and make their app dumber in the process.
Probably just inherited from how desktop fb2k works. There have been a few HA threads from users who have pirated acquired AAC/MP4 files renamed as .mp3. (Maybe time to reconsider ... ?)

(AFAIK, foobar2000 will accept MP2 in .mp3. Probably for that particular reason; "MP3 players" are typically MPEG-1 audio players that decode MPEG-1 Layer whatever, and so many MP2 files have the .mp3 extension.)

Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)

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Tried a Moto G Power 2022 and it didn't show APE or WavPack files either.  Sad :'(

Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)

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From it seems that not even AIFF is supported.
And not ALAC.

* Google does not want to support the Apple codec.
* Better keep their mouth shut, but if forced to state something, they can argue that lossless on phone is a niche thing so they only support the most common uncompressed format and the most common lossless compressed format
* If they were ever to support Monkey's or WavPack without supporting ALAC, they would face the following question: Are you abusing your market power to kill your competitor's format?

I might be wrong: if they didn't want those questions, they would have supported FLAC in Matroska, since they do support FLAC in MP4.

(Oh, and: This isn't whining on behalf of ALAC / Real Lossless / WMAL.)