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Feature requests for quality of life.

I love the fact that there is a mobile version of foobar2000!
But the mobile version is... spartan.

To make it more useful (at least for my use case) i would like to see the following features.
-Sorting by date. I often add new stuff to my podcast folder but then i have problems finding the new tracks.
-Some obvious way to get to the playback pane from the main menu. I finally found it in the tool menu, but it should really be something that you want to access from any place in the app, preferably by interacting with a distinctive UI element. Maybe an omnipresent button to switch between folder view and playback view.
-Nerdy numbers. I often wonder what the source samplerate/bitdepth is and what the DAC/OS samplerate/bitdepth is.

Thank you for reading and keep up the good work!!!

Re: Feature requests for quality of life.

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Sorting by date -- does going to settings > advanced > sort by date work? Or am I not understanding?

Edit: nevermind, I think you mean a sub-year date.