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Scientists Capture Mournful Wail Of A Black Hole

It’s easy enough to see how anybody could mistake the rather horrifying sounds of a black hole that NASA just recorded and released on their official YouTube channel Wednesday. The black hole is located at the center of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster, whose sounds NASA has been studying since 2003.

The clip below uses “sonifcation” to translate pressure waves sent out by the black hole into a note. NASA said the popular misconception that space doesn’t have any sound is only true in places where space is a vacuum and doesn’t provide a medium for sound waves to move through. A galaxy cluster, on the other hand, has gas that envelop the hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within it, giving sound a medium.

Hear the Weird Sounds of a Black Hole Singing: As part of an effort to “sonify” the cosmos, researchers have converted the pressure waves from a black hole into an audible … something.
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