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Mp3tag v3.12a — Beta

Mp3tag v3.12a — Beta

3.12a (2022-02-13)

+ NEW: added %_cover_description% information field. (#55952)
+ CHG: added confirmation question on choosing converter, actions, or extended tags if the Tag Panel contains unsaved changes and auto-saving is not enabled. (#56065)
+ CHG: added confirmation question on editing via file list if the Tag Panel contains unsaved changes and auto-saving is not enabled. (#55633)
+ CHG: added error reporting to formatting string language. (#46638)
+ CHG: added internal mapping for MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID field. (#44062)
+ CHG: added reporting of unsupported or corrupted file structure as error to 'Tag' column.
+ CHG: added support for multi-value MP4 fields written as multiple data atoms. (#56138)
+ CHG: added workaround for missing padding bytes for INFO subchunks in WAV and AIF. (#56080)
+ CHG: automatically removing control characters \n \r \t when renaming files and folders.
+ CHG: extended $validate() to replace control characters \n \r \t.
+ CHG: ensured that characters with accents or umlauts are using the Unicode Normalization Form C when querying Tag Sources.
+ CHG: updated list of default freedb servers to remove invalid servers.
+ FIX: apostroph character in export file path caused syntax error. (#55431)
+ FIX: configuration files with very long filenames produce runtime error when exporting settings.
+ FIX: copying or moving files resulted in inconsistent display of data if overwrite or keep both is used. (#56008)
+ FIX: taskbar icon was missing when starting from File Explorer shell extension under Windows 11 using Standard installation. (#54913, #55081, #55645)
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