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Automatic AAC encode service on Windows

What would the options be in Windows 10 and later to automatically encode a lossless source file to AAC? The end goal being able to use the file when uploaded to a card in the Trello service and it being played from there without download.

The requirements:
  • A service that automatically encodes to AAC and deletes the source file
  • AAC format itself compatible with Apple (iTunes, Music and so on)
  • Using the m4a file extension
  • Otherwise compatible with Trello (The last two above are probably sufficient)

If there are no automatic options, what could be used manually and quickly? Preferably the solution would be open source, yet easy to use, but it's not the most important thing.

Yes, I did attempt to do some research, but didn't find so much. I'm not asking for me to use as I'm not really using Windows at the moment, but for others that do. I'm on macOS and only missing the fully automatic part, but this is a separate issue.

Re: Automatic AAC encode service on Windows

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Closest program I can think of is TuneFusion.

Re: Automatic AAC encode service on Windows

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AAC format itself compatible with Apple (iTunes, Music and so on)
The other way round, Apple's programs are compatible wit AAC  :)

I'm on macOS

I'm not.
As most media players offer the same functionality I expect iTunes to offer a synchronizing function.
Let it synchronize to a SD card and transcode at the same time.

Re: Automatic AAC encode service on Windows

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On WIndows you could automate it with a simple scripting language like Autohotkey.

It would be pretty easy to monitor a directory structure for e.g. flac files, encode them with e.g. qaac and delete the source.

Re: Automatic AAC encode service on Windows

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Dunno if can help for the specific goal, but I just discovered Voukoder:

Voukoder is system wide video- and audio encoding service for Windows that improves your media encoding experience. It supports various encoders (both CPU and GPU based) and also provides a set of post processing filters.

It's NLE-oriented, but (since it's open source) I believe you could code a "Connector plugin" for your needs.
Hybrid Multimedia Production Suite will be a platform-indipendent open source suite for advanced audio/video contents production.
Official git: