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FDK AAC tuning

Hi everyone,

Are there any efforts made anywhere to improve/tune the FDK AAC encoder from Android source code?



Re: FDK AAC tuning

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Mstorsjo committed many improvements yesterday.
Beware that most of the Mstorsjo's effort is to increase the security and maintainability, not the sound fidelity per bitrate.

Re: FDK AAC tuning

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Thanks Kamedo.

Re: FDK AAC tuning

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anyone like rarewares has the new build, version of fdk aac compiled. i have github but i do not know how actions work and how to obtain executable compatible with windows 7 and visual studio 2019. i heard they are on vacation. i ask here, then maybe i will open an issue that

Re: FDK AAC tuning

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Thanks a lot John!


Re: FDK AAC tuning

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anyway i made an error that was not standalone tool, but a binding for android i think from same author in github.