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Topic: Status Bar Object/Text Colors Changed since 1.6.1 (Read 493 times) previous topic - next topic
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Status Bar Object/Text Colors Changed since 1.6.1

Something strange has happened to the color values for text in the status bar.  Below is a picture comparison between 1.6.1 and the latest 1.6.3, with 1.6.1 (the correct colors) being shown on the top of the image, and the bottom status bar being 1.6.3 (issue also present in 1.6.2Beta).  Was this an intentional change?  Have the color modifier characters changed in function or replaced/deprecated?
Code: [Select]
Here's my existing status bar code with the text's respective desired color values:
[>>%codec%<<[<<' ('$info(codec_profile)')'>>]' '$caps([>>>$info(encoding)<<<])[' | '$pad(%bitrate%,5) kbps] '|' [%__bitspersample%-Bit | ]%samplerate% 'Hz' | $caps(%channels%) | %bpm% BPM $if(%genre%, | %genre%)$tab() 'Current Position = >'>>>%playback_time%<<< '/' %length% | $if(%ispaused%,>>>'Playback Paused'<<<,$ifequal(%isplaying%,0,>>>'Playback Stopped'<<<,'Remaining Time = '[>>>%playback_time_remaining%<<<]))]

Top Image is 1.6.1 with correct colors, Bottom status bar is what is happening in 1.6.3. 

Thanks in advance for your attention and time. 

- Spikeypup
Woofity woof woof.  There... I did it! Are you happy now??? 🐕