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Topic: minor bug in Advanced Preferences - Automatic resampling (Read 721 times) previous topic - next topic
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minor bug in Advanced Preferences - Automatic resampling

In Advanced Preferences - Automatic resampling preference, it says "resampler DSP names, semicolon-delimited."
When 2 resampler DSPs are entered, it turns out in the Console output:

Automatic resampling: using <first DSP>, Resampler (PPHS)

So: the second DSP is either:
- disregarded
- overwritten
- not displayed in the Console output
edit: foobar2000 1.6.2

BTW. Only one self chosen resampler would be acceptable, but the dialog should reflect that.

Disclaimer: this observation is only based on the Console output and playback is fine either way.
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Re: minor bug in Advanced Preferences - Automatic resampling

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Are you sure you didn't spell the resampling settings incorrectly somehow, for example separate the entries with comma (,) instead of semicolon (;).

I can't replicate your issue and the field accepts multiple resamplers just fine. As a test I used settings "Resampler (dBpoweramp/SSRC);Resampler (SoX);Resampler (SRC)". My sound card mixer is set to 48 kHz. Playing a regular 44.1 kHz material the built-in SSRC resampler gets used but playing unconventional material sampled at 44.0 kHz SoX gets used as SSRC doesn't support the resampling ratio.