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Feature request: hi res audio output

We need a hi-res output for foobar player the same as Poweramp, for example, qualcomm 625 have full support of 24/192 output and Poweramp player plays music with the same parameters. But  currently foobar have only 92khz resampled and no hires output.

Re: Feature request: hi res audio output

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Sorry, that is not accurate.  foobar2000 will play/convert hi-res PCM (and DSD with the necessary add-on components).

Re: Feature request: hi res audio output

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If foobar plays hi-res pcm as is (as example, song in 24/192 on a Sanpgragon 625 as 24/192) - how can I understand this? I don't have any tip about current output parameters of each song. And why resample doesn't have 24 bits and 192 khz on a phone with 625 Qualcomm which supports these features?

Re: Feature request: hi res audio output

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Sorry, I'm just now understanding that you are using foobar2000 on Android. I'm not familiar with it and can't help. I'd be surprised if it couldn't play 24/192, though.