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Re: memory leaks while scanning media library

According to this it can be done without recompiling but too complex  :D

But if you use the reason "32 bit components will be useless then" then we will still have a 32 bit version in 2030, 2040, ...

So it seems logical to me the step to 64 bit should be taken one day.
Win xp and vista are dropped but not 32 bit? Weird decision. Version 1.6 should be a good point to add 64 bit too!
Why not compile a 32 and 64 bit version as some other programs do?
It could make the change from 32 to 64 bit and you use the 32 bit version if you need abandoned components to work.
The components repo should then be compiled to 64 bit and not working anymore in the 32 bit version.
After X years when most components are recompiled, the 32 bit version is dropped completely.

The longer Peter waits to migrate to 64 bit, the bigger the chance old components are abandonded by the devs and the more components won't work if he decides later to switch to 64 bit. Now there is still a chance to contact the devs and ask to recompile.

Open source software all eliminates this but Peter's opinion is "there will be many forks".
I don't see the common sense in all of this, you do? Leave the forks alone, the original version is still maintained by Peter.
According to me he has other reasons not to make it open source e.g. he uses foobar as a test environment for audio code (see his reply to some post here).
Open sourcing it is like giving this work away for free...
He's generous but not crazy!

One day 32 bit apps won't be running in a 64 bit windows update anyway (as is now the case with 16 bit apps) so you will be forced to switch anyway. However this will take another 10 years  I think. 

Just my opinion. Bleh. Sorry I'm Jessica the troll now. Just flame me down  :D  :D  :D (I hide under my rock  ;) )

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Re: Re: memory leaks while scanning media library

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Peter is very smart, foobar is a test environment for audio code, you are all his FREE testers.
He receives the test results here,  bug reports while he can learn about this. Thousand of users... testing it on a variety of windows versions. This is all free for him and extremely valueable feedback.
This is going on for a decade...

In addition he works for dbpoweramp, making money by applying things he learned in foobar and the website here makes money too with all the ads... Who knows how many clicks the ads get?

So it's very clear to me why it's not open sourced... NEVER EVER! "There will be forks" (as he wrote somewhere here) is just a lame reason just to give 'a reason' you will all happily swallow... But the real reason is he won't give away his work for free. The SDK is open source but that doesn't get you any clue of the audio work he's doing. It is UI stuff and other not important things.

Also it's very clear why there won't be language support, skin support, ... as some people ask
Those things don't add additional value to audio code 'experimenting' and of course he doesn't spend time on this.
That also explains why foobar's user interface is not better then notepad's ... It's clear no work/time goes into that...

I hope I don't get banned for this, but this is just the way it's working here. I want other people to realize what foobar REALLY IS. It's a free learning/testing software with you all guys doing the boring work: telling bugs.

Telling your personal opinion is allowed, no?

He all pawlowski'ed you...
But I don't get trapped by this.



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Re: Re: memory leaks while scanning media library

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All right, that does it.  I have been using Foobar for years.  Due to the hard work and generosity of Peter and the other developers, and after many hours of study and research, I made it my own.  Which is what Foobar is all about.  No other media player out there, free or commercial, allows the level of customization offered by Foobar.  They are the dinosaurs, not Foobar.  I am a semi-invalid senior citizen on a fixed income with very few pleasures available to me at this stage of my life.  And Foobar is most certainly one of them.  Accusing Peter of creating Foobar for his own personal interests is absurd.  Of course he gains something from it, if only the satisfaction of creating a magnificent tool and unselfishly sharing it with others.  When is the last time you did something for nothing?  If I can offer some meager thanks to these developers by spending a little time to help them make a better component for all, then I am grateful for the opportunity.  And let's get something straight.  Foobar and its various components are the sole property of Peter and the developers.  They have the right to do whatever they want with them, and, quite frankly, we have no right to complain.  Foobar is FREE.  Do you not understand the concept of free?

Not only do Peter and the other developers devote hours, days or even months to developing these components, they also spend many hours answering questions and granting requests, not for their own benefit, but for others.  The amount of patience they show with people who could easily find their own answers with just a little digging, or make obviously absurd requests, is staggering.  Peter and the others are my heroes and don''t you dare attack them.  Yes, you have the right to your opinions.  But you don't have the right to use this forum for your personal attacks.  This forum is for the 99.9 percent of people who use it to seek and offer help, to suggest reasonable improvements and to learn something, not for naysayers who only use it to complain and nitpick and to display their own ignorance.  If you don't have something good to say, then don't say anything.

I apologize to all the wonderful people who truly enjoy Foobar and use this forum to make it better for this tirade, and hope you can forgive the ramblings of a well meaning sick old man, but enough is enough.

Re: Re: memory leaks while scanning media library

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I apologize to all the wonderful people who truly enjoy...
Hey dwmartin0906,

Thanks for your post and I hope my reply finds you in a good mood.

I am getting more and more concerned about the fate of Western civilization now that even normal people - when speaking to other normal human beings - begin to use this faux respectful, robotic, corporate language that I would normally expect in an e-mail from a bank or a company that wants to fool me into buying a penis-shaped golden lamp that cures cancer and chases away mosquitoes. Can't we just be frank with each other anymore?

Thanks for all your great work and I hope you have a wonderful day.