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Topic: [TROLLING] Re: Preview of next-gen foobar2000 SDK (Read 1204 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TROLLING] Re: Preview of next-gen foobar2000 SDK

Is there an online API documentation available for the SDK?
This would be great and the changes for the new SDK could be indicated.

I'm trying to learn the SDK but without API docs, it's kind of ... impossible
(unless I spam the forum here asking: what's this and what is this method doing, ...)?

So question to Peter:

can you make an online API doc website, updated for each SDK update (so updated to represent the very latest SDK version)?
Also some code examples for more difficult things are welcome.

This would make life much easier and normally API docs are available always.

thx in advance!
Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!


Re: Preview of next-gen foobar2000 SDK

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You can hardly call a lib using atl 'modern'. It's a joke in 2020...

What year is pawloski's country running in?
Is the steam engine for trains still used there?

I think MP3 is just about invented in pawlowski's country! So that matches ATL exactly!

Now all say foo ... bar!
That names tells it all. Zero innovation, stuck in time... forever it seems...
Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!