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how migrate MPC library to cloud?

Hello, here is my situation:
I've used to keep my music library in Musepack format. Since Android received good Musepack support from 3d party players I'm using SD cards as 'cache proxy' to library (just select myself what I prefer and store on SD). Another 5 years passed and I got Chromebook where Musepack has no support... I can use SDcards with VBR MP3 but I really prefer to migrate to cloud. Problem came from Chromebook - OS does not offer any flexibility in audio codecs and because of Opus I think MPC will not become hosted on Chrome OS.

Do you have opinion on platform to build cloud storage with Musepack library as core and browser playback/access (or player with cloud support)? I prefer to keep data in mpc and be able use/listen via the Internet.

... do you know the future? ;) please share with me your opinion if Opus is as good for storage foundation as mpc was for decade+.

Re: how migrate MPC library to cloud?

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You might have to use two different formats for local storage (archival) and cloud access, e.g. Musepack for storage and MP3 for the cloud.
As you are using a Chromebook, Google Play Music might be a good option for cloud playback.

Re: how migrate MPC library to cloud?

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I understand your logic too. Situation changed since Michael Jackson went after Walkman. Cloud is place to store, first of all. Size matters too - Opus is small enough and sounds good to make marriage. To be 'transparent' mp3 is bigger than both mpc and opus, the only advantage is 'coverage' - can be accessed from any coffeemaker. Google Play Music is great for metropoly where I don't belong, means - not every country is allowed to listen. So I'll do my own republic of sound on their infrastructure. Step by step I find it doable to migrate just as is - encode to Opus and organize folders manually (thanks to foobar's encoder!). Despite I have some order in my library things changed... I'm listening more on the go, in open space hall and less at home.

note for innocent chromebook users in law : opus is of WAV extension , did you know? (0.o)

Re: how migrate MPC library to cloud?

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Have a lossless library, so the lossy library is created from it whenever you want. Choice of lossy format is changeable at will, and so requires no real thought :)