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I am retiring from my coding projects

Effective immediately, I am retiring from all maintenance tasks of software that was both becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, but was seeing fewer and fewer updates. I have removed my Patreon page and will not be charging anyone from here on out.

My fork of Cog has been replaced by the fork, which apparently has fewer problems than my fork does.

foobar2000 components are on life support, and will be maintained as long as their upstream libraries are updated, when I get to them, but new features haven't been a priority for years now. Anyone willing may step forward and fork any of them, including getting rid if that FluidSynth change to the MIDI software and replacing it with BASSMIDI again, but I won't be participating in that.

I am mostly on my M1 Mac mini as my main machine now, so expect any priority coding to take place there, Windows for ARM virtual machine secondary, and Ryzen tower tertiary. I will be more likely to be spending time on things in the following order:

1) Telegram or Discord chat, mostly in the small circles I still orbit.
2) IRC, on a few places.
3) Web forums, mostly this forum, not much else.
4) Reddit, a bit now and then.
5) Playing games a while and then.
6) Porting code to Apple Silicon for friends and sometimes the community. Most recent port is Element Messenger, previously Glaxnimate. Would love to try getting Spleeter working with Apple's version of TensorFlow, but it looks like it'd be quite a chore.
7) Maintaining my personal Arch Linux server machine, which misses kernel updates with how long I leave it up between update checks.

As I'm not really benefitting a huge community with any of these things, a huge community probably shouldn't be sending me money monthly, as little as I did get. Hope everyone does okay with what I've already got published, and hope someone actually feels like taking over for me.

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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Thank you for everything!
Be happy!

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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Thank you for your contributions and dedication, well wishes  :)

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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Well done, sir. Amazing your generosity lasted as long as it did, which is far more than most will ever manage. 80% comes from 20%.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  ;~)

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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Thanks very much, in particular, for your work on the FDK-AAC packet decoder component for foobar2000, kode54! It continues to be my sole path to xHE-AAC playback on Windows. Also, I have one single open-source project myself, and maintaining that already takes up more of my free time than I thought. So I can only image what it must be like maintaining a few dozen projects! Your work - even the continued "life support", as you put it - is very very much appreciated!

Thanks again, and all the best!

If I don't reply to your reply, it means I agree with you.

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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I'm gonna add a notice above, I am only making it official and not asking for further donations, since obligating myself to do some things has given me continued stress that I somehow no longer handle as well as I used to.

I will continue to do small things now and then, mostly emergency maintenance, updates as new libraries come out. I will continue helping people occasionally port random things to Apple Silicon, time permitting as well. I just won't try to give so many people the expectation that I'll do any of these things on a moment's notice.

I'm glad I was able to get that packet decoder to match the specification set by Fraunhofer for xHE-AAC, but slightly disappointed that I didn't do it before releasing the last Windows XP compatible version. If anyone else feels like making a build with the Visual Studio 2017 v141xp SDK, I'll give it a look and consider it for inclusion, although really, it shouldn't be necessary to continue to support OSes that old, sad as that may be for some people who will be stuck on really old machines for the indefinite future.

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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I'm genuinely, sincerely glad you are taking time to do what truly makes you happy.

Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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Sry to hear that but i fully understand ya. Thnx for everything u have done.


Re: I am retiring from my coding projects

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kode54, thank you for the many, many years of software you've shared with the world. All this time, whenever I update a FB2K plugin and see your name scroll by, I make a little nod of appreciation at the screen. I also smile when I see your name pop up in random corners of the internet now and then (a Homebrew update here, a GitHub comment there). I am forever grateful for all the ways you've made my life a little better. I started mentally composing this thank-you note to you a few months ago, but this announcement was the opportunity for me to finish it.

Congratulations on your well-earned retirement!