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Title: Simple questions and beginner's guide for mobile foobar
Post by: kangxi on 2022-08-25 17:03:35
I have a redmi phone & I installed foobar2000 v1.3.  I'm finding it anything but intuitive.  What I want to do is download music (either through a memory stick or from the cloud) into a folder and play it from that location, generally once only. The folder is internal\music.
How can I get foobar to treat that (and its sub-folders) as its main and only folder?
I don't use or want playlists.  I want to select and listen to an entire subfolder, played in order from the 1st file to the last.  I don't need a playlist because if the music plays without a fault i delete it, go to the source of the music (my pc) and file the original in my library.  I won't be listening to it on the redmi ever again.  I use the phone as a vetting station.  How do I select and play a subfolder within the folder internal\music?  I will probably only listen to ape, flac or mp3 formats - anything else I can listen to on my pc.
In short, is there a simple user guide for Foobar2000 in a redmi phone?