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Topic: Storing/restoring EQ settings on a song-per-song basis (Read 467 times) previous topic - next topic
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Storing/restoring EQ settings on a song-per-song basis

Hi all,

There are many equalizers available. Some are system-wide (Equalizer APO), some are VST plugins, some are fb2k components.
fb2k remains my player regardless of the used EQ.
Here's how I like to do:
  • I have a default EQ setting that suits me.
  • For most songs, I use that setting and all goes well.
  • For some songs however, that setting doesn't work. Generally because those songs are poorly recorded. Maybe because they're old, or because they're live, or because the sound engineer was drunk... whatever.
  • Those particular songs need to be EQed on a song-per-song basis in order to please my ears.
  • Then for the next song, I have to go back to the default EQ setting.
  • But next time I play one of these particular songs, I have to EQ them once again. Which is annoying because I can't just concentrate on laying back, relaxing and listening.

I wish there was a way to solve this problem. Maybe we could store those EQ settings in custom tags, so that the EQ software could read those tags (which would require it to be a fb2k component) and "EQ itself" for those particular songs. That would be great.

Does this make sense? Can we hope for this to become real someday?

Thanks for you insights. :)

Re: Storing/restoring EQ settings on a song-per-song basis

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Thanks. Hadn't thought of Dynamic DSP, I've been using it for other tasks. Thanks again for suggesting it.

I've given it some thought, and quite honestly, it doesn't seem very suitable for what I'm trying to achieve.
Unless I'm wrong, imagine you have 1000 'particular songs' that require EQing. Each one with its own custom EQ parameters.
That would make 1000 different EQ presets for Dynamic DSP. It would quickly become unmanageable.

In my mind, EQ values would rather be stored directly in custom tags.
For example, for the 18-band Equalizer DSP, we would have some %equalizer% multivalue tag.
That tag would have 18 values. For example: 3; 3; 3; 0; 0; 0; 0; 0; -1; -2; -1; 0; 0; 0; 0; 0; 0; 0
Then the Equalizer DSP could theoretically read those values and apply the relevant EQ for the track. :)

It could be a very simple option, like a checkbox somewhere with "write EQ values to tags" (yes/no).
EQ values would be written and read automatically by the relevant DSP.

Maybe there would be a way of suggesting that to one of the developers. Anybody knows who I should contact, please?

Re: Storing/restoring EQ settings on a song-per-song basis

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I think I should bump this. :) Hello ? Anybody ?...


Re: Storing/restoring EQ settings on a song-per-song basis

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Somebody please ?  :-[