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Let foobar play a folder

is there a way to right click on a folder and choose for foobar.
at the moment I have to click on the folder, hit ctrl A and right, and right click to plat the files.

Let foobar play a folder

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Preferences -> File Types -> tick "Folder context menus". That'll give you what you want.

Re: Let foobar play a folder

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Sorry for reviving an old thread, but to save others from searching any further, I thought this updated and extra info would be of use.

File > Preferences > Shell Integration > Folder context menus

If it's still not showing, disable Windows Media Player.…

Click the start button and type or paste "windows features", and then click on Turn Windows features on or off > Media Features > un-check Windows Media Player.



Re: Let foobar play a folder

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Thanks a lot - was a good idea :-)

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