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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3 is out!
Last post by moisesmcardona -
Actually, that's one of the few things compilers are *not* allowed to do when optimizing.
You mean, to replace (a+b)+c with a+(b+c)?  Well, Visual Studio Opus project has FloatingPointModel==Fast in Release configuration.

According to MSDN,
The compiler may reorder operations or perform algebraic transforms—for example, by following associative and distributive rules—without regard to the effect on finite precision results.

Yes, Visual Studio projects are set to compile by default with FloatingPointModel==Fast. My own builds are done using FloatingPointModel==Strict or FloatingPointModel==Precise if Strict fails. This of couse will cause floating point differences due to the way each mode is handled.
General Audio / The apparent re-resurrection of Winamp
Last post by 2tec -
"A leaked version of Winamp 5.8 recently spread over the Internet. Consequently, we have decided to make this new version available to you, revised by us."

As well, there's this recent article:
So you might be wondering: can you install and use Winamp right now? The answer: sort of. The WinAMP website, unchanged for five years, points to a forum thread when you request a download. This thread points to a simplistic website where you’ll find Winamp 5.666 for Windows. This software dates back to 2013, but it works
Speech Codecs / Re: Codec for low dynamic range, noisy (rf crackle) speech?
Last post by MetaPixel -
I believe he means that he will be receiving analog audio on the repeaters, but that he wants to compress them at the repeater, and send it with broadband to the cloud, where they would be able to listen to it in realtime, hence why the latency is important.

What he wanted to describe is the kind of audio that will need to be compressed so that the codec would not choke with that.

If that is true, the part about analog transmission of the encoded audio is not relevant, but Opus is still a good candiate
Yeah I did't understand it at first and ended messing it up, my bad. Still improving my english.

Now that I remember, the CELT part from Opus have been already in use on some radio transmitter links a long time ago, even before 1.0. Maybe Opus is indeed the best option.
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by Lionheart.H -
Excessive off-topic zealotry removed.

Wow, bit harsh don't you think?

I was responding to someone who said: 90% of music is crud. And explained why that wasn't always the case in history.
Saying that 90% of music is crud is also an off-topic statement which is begging for a response, so why didn't that get removed?

And "Excessive zealotry"!? I was just giving my opinion, I thought that's what forums were for.
Apparently if you don't agree with someone's opinion you can just delete their comment and accuse them of being a zealot.

Since I'm new here, I apparently don't understand the code of conduct yet (which apparently allows insulting other forum members, but not comments about personal opinions). I would appreciate it if someone could explain what I did wrong.
If someone had done that in the first place without insulting me and deleting my comment, I would have gladly edited my comment to make it more appropriate.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Skip Silence DSP accidentally enabled for months while ripping music
Last post by marcoxD95 -
Oh wow. Which means it should theoretically trigger nowhere except at digital silence, no?

Sometimes I wish this Skip Silence DSP had a option to only trigger at the beginning and ending of an track. Like it measures anything around those points until the first measurable tone is "recorded". I know there was this Gap Killer and stuff once but it is no longer in Foobar for some reason plus it was kind of a "dirty" way to get those silences away anyway. Not even sure if it worked with anything but MP3. I started a bit over a year ago to stop using MP3 since there isn't really a reason to use them anymore. Now I rip everything in Wav/Flac.
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