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Hybrid mode alternative settings
Settings for hybrid lossless usage. Goal: economy and faster operations.

-b3x3c ~270k --portable medium
-b4x3c ~370k --portable HQ

Settings for lossy archiving (no wvc) . Goal: quality first, less economy and encoding speed. NO impact on decoding speed.

-b5x4  ~460k --normal HQ
-b6x4  ~540k --extreme
-b7x4  ~630k --insane

The -h switch may be added for slightly more compression / audio quality but at the expense of encode and decode time.
wavpack 4.80 -b5x4

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Re: Hybrid mode alternative settings
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Thanks for posting these shadowking (and of course for trying them all out with exhaustive listening!)

I generally use a higher -x mode just because I'm usually limited by ripping speed anyway, and of course there's no cost once the encoding is done. Obviously transcoding an entire library is a different thing.