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You said the vinyl sounds great, so now you know the CD sounds great too.  You might even now think the CD sounds better if your turntable is less than perfect or if your vinyl has playback problems, or succumbs to playback problems in the future. ;)
A Moon Shaped Pool?

The vinyl was sourced from the same clipped master used to create the CD.
yes A Moon Shaped Pool
i'm really sad , just because i spent 80€ for the cd and the vinyl
i guess the hi-res is the same of the cd , i will give up , even it's one of my favorite album
thanks Greynol
A Moon Shaped Pool?

The vinyl was sourced from the same clipped master used to create the CD.
In my EAC folder I have lame.exe and lame_enc.dll.    It appears to be using the exe file, although EAC is very configurable and there may be a way to make it use the dll. 
hi DVDdoug
thanks a lot , but can't find a way to use lame_enc.dll
may i ask you what do you use to burn audio cd?

If the high-resolution version is a different mix/master, you could copy the high-resolution version to CD (downsampling to 16/44.1, of course) and it will sound identical to the original high-resolution version.
thanks again
i have spent 80€ for the last radiohead cd and vinyl (it's one of my favorite album and they record clipped at least my cd copy it's so clipped i can hear even crackles)  , i know there are hardware players for hi-res audio file
i'm skeptical about these players
AAC - General / Re: EAC and Nero AAC not working
Last post by korth -
EAC uses a temporary name then should rename the file after the encoder completes normally. Are you saying the encoder is exiting early due to an error? You didn't share your External Compression Tab settings and additional command line options.
See also

I recently scanned my musics to set replaygain using foobar2k version 1.3.15 (latest version) in windows 10 x64 with original package (no added plugin or anything else)

After applying gain I found that times that I change volume became more than without replaygain!

I tested and for example I uploaded two of my files that are in same level of loudness but foobar2k recognized and wrote different track gain value to them.

(The files that uploaded here are original files without replaygain tag but if you test will see that foobar2k will recognize different track gain values for them + if you hear to music without replaygain volumes are same)

Because they are in same album when I use album gain the problem solved but I need track gain because I usually play random tracks.

Also I scanned my files several times but problem didn't solve.

Please help to fix this or please help for another tool for scanning replaygain.

Thank you very much
Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by bennetng -
Then I don't even think the PC-Engine has a 16-bit synth. I still have a MiniDisc recording of R-TYPE (Part I) and attached a snipped here, after beating Stage4. Quantization steps are clearly audible.
Thanks will try out foobar and poweramp
General Audio / Re: Do Youtube & others transcode over and over?
Last post by radorn -

Last time I attempted this, it made a big zip file with all my data from all google services. I guess it can get ridiculously big. Maybe it does multi-part or multiple archives.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_midi
Last post by kode54 -
It separates type 2 files into individual sub-songs.