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I've settled on using the amplify effect in Audacity whenever I notice SoX causing clipping and it worked great so far.
I import all of the album tracks, highlight them, and with the amplify effect I seem to keep the original loudness balance of the individual tracks (normalize makes the quieter tracks loud, so I'm not using that).

One thing I noticed though is the difference between the original 192/24 and the 44.1/16 (-0.2dB, resampled and dithered via SoX) spectogram, the resampled one looks more smudged, or smeary, don't know the right word.
Is that how it's supposed to look after resampling or did I do something wrong?
The description says "Restrictions: 16 per post, maximum total size 40,960 KB, maximum individual size 40,960 KB"

I just uploaded 30 MB, so it works:,115100.0.html
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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI appearance
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I'm new to foobar, but I've managed to put together my ideal UI:

I'd also like to see the dynamic range on the status bar. 
I cut and pasted PeteG's suggested text as directed, but all I get is "Album DR: - | Track DR: -".  No numeric values, just 'dashes'.  I must be missing something basic but after some tinkering I haven't been able to resolve this.  If anyone could suggest something I'd appreciate it.
(In any case foobar is an amazing program which I'm gratefully using; many thanks to the developers!)
I believe Uploads section allows that size. Create a new topic and post the sample there.

That does not work either- same restrictions apply.
Due to some recent work with some files I've found that it would be nice if foobar had some small changes introduced.

Most important:
- Undo/Redo for file's Properties window. Sometimes I make several steps to achieve proper tagging and I am doing it on multiple files at once. Then I make just one bad "Ctrl+V"  (erroneously replacing some proper values) and... I had to cancel and start over :(  . If for some reason that would be impossible with  Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y then just by dedicated "Undo" / "Redo" buttons at the bottom of file's Properties window.
- mass editing of ReplayGain information in similar way as other tags. I mean - OK, let's leave it in separate window named Edit ReplayGain Information (for security reasons), but when there is "<multiple values>" displayed, then I would welcome "Edit" command under right mouse button, as it is available when editing standard tags in Properties window. That would allow a lot easier manual adjusting of RG info for several file at once. Without necessity for clicking each file separately...

Less important:
- channel difference as display option for Spectrogram (for both "Front Only" and "Rear Only" pairs as well as for all active signals downmixed to 2 CH) . I remember that was present in v 0.8 or 0.9.
- if foobar's core allows this: option to display Spectrogram before ReplayGain is applied. If realtime pre-RG signal measurement is not possible, then maybe frequency samples may be "amplified" by number derived from opposite number to actual ReplayGain value used for current processing?

Just repeated:
- number of currently selected tracks in status bar (similarly to "Total time of selection") (I would say that I beg for this)
- adding new variable that would be used for title formatting, related to current ReplayGain mode (something like %replaygain_current_gain_mode%). It is essential especially when ReplayGain's "Source mode" is set to "by playback order". Sometimes volume effects are so strange to me, that I am not sure what RG mode foobar is applying at the moment. It would be also useful for those who intentionally set album/tack or none values, but they tend to change them occasionally or have keyboard shortcuts for various RG modes.

I would be happy to see even clear "no" if something just can not be done due to technical limitations :)
Support - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain on Opus files
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Guessing: Could it be any preferences corruption?
Curious. If you had a backup of the config from that time it could be verified. Or Peter could read the code to see if it's possible.
In my country we have a saying: If to know where you'll fall you could lay out a stacked straw. Meaning I didn't expect to meet such a problem. =)
Guessing that I immediately checked for availability of settings backup. Unfortunately, Autosave plugin is adjusted to keep only two setting backups and they are updating often, thus I don't have interesting configuration.
Guessing more: Autosave plugin itself could produce settings corruption? Last day I had to kill the task once, because I double-clicked some file (OctaMED has "med" extention files, foobar is associated with this type, but cannot open it), but the application hangs/locks in that case (playlist dedicated for double-click enqueues only this "unknown" file alone, and foobar2000 starts to continuously retry playback and does not respond anymore - this is an old exception, some time ago I initiated discussion about related issue).

I meant that I don't experience the problem you described. When I had RG in use and I played three Opus files tagged with the three different header setting they all had identical loudness.
Yes, being curious about this strange situation, I couldn't reproduce it myself later.

Just guessing: Can the bug be related to Media Library somehow? But, I mainly stick to the preferences corruption cause.
Were your files located on the harddrive of your machine and not on some network storage? Media Library shouldn't affect things but some weird storage that doesn't report file changes perhaps might.
All mentioned files placed on a local HDD. Machine was quite heavily loaded (video encoding task), but foobar2000 was successfully restarted several times, because I tried to test previous versions, and all those had the same result. I'm just curious about possibility of such situation caused by Media Library functions.

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General Audio / Re: BatchEncoder (Audio Conversion GUI)
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Found SSRC here too, I think it's the official source?

And (Nero AAC Codec 1.5.1 with neroAacEnc 1.5.4)

Will test them tomorrow. Thanks for help.
General Audio / Re: BatchEncoder (Audio Conversion GUI)
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Found SSRC here too, I think it's the official source?

And (Nero AAC Codec 1.5.1 with neroAacEnc 1.5.4)