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Incorrect tagging with wavpack files APEv2?

I discovered a bug in foobar tagging files. What I discovered concerns wavpack files with apev2 tags.
And so.
One single was encoded to wavpack format. I tagged it with mp3tag. When I opened the file in foobar, I noticed that the "Album Artist" field was empty even though I added a value there.
So I decided to put the test in there for a test. After typing and opening the file in mp3 tag it turns out that foobar has made a new tag called "ALBUM ARTIST" and it should be "ALBUMARTIST". This "ALBUMARTIST" was visible in the foobar only as a separate tag at the very bottom of the list. And it should appear as "Album Artist" in the gui interface.
I use foobar2000 v1.6.12b2.
EDIT: This is properties of this file in foobar.
Code: [Select]
Artist Name : Warriorz!
Track Title : (Be My...) Energizer (Hi-Energy Euro Handz Up Mix)
Album Title : (Be My...) Energizer (2K21 Handz Up Exclusive Edition)
Date : 2021-10-06
Genre : Hands Up
Composer :
Performer :
Album Artist : Test
Track Number : 01
Total Tracks : 08
Disc Number :
Total Discs :
Comment :
<ALBUMARTIST> : Warriorz!


Re: Incorrect tagging with wavpack files APEv2?

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Actually Mp3tag is incorrect here. The standard tag fields in APE tags use spaces. Though foobar2000 should be changed to read these alternative spellings too.

Re: Incorrect tagging with wavpack files APEv2?

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You can create a mapping in Mp3tag for

Tag: APEv2
Source: Album Artist

to create a field that is compatible with foobar2000.

Re: Incorrect tagging with wavpack files APEv2?

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Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the information.