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Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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Dear Community, hello Mudlord,
it sounds unbelievable, but I still use and prefer "freeverb" v. 0.3 over the "identical" component as part of the effects in the plugin of the same name.
The author of the component undoubtedly knows what changes he made compared to "freeverb" and why the newer "room" component sounds different than "freeverb".
As I wrote x.. years ago, I use freeverb as a complement to meier crossfeed to create the illusion of space or air. Obviously because of its complexity, I perceive this "room" simulator as superior to the "reverb (directX)" effect, with which I can't achieve the same illusion.
But back to "freeverb" and "Room" respectively... to achieve this realism, very low Wet values are enough for me and it is with this subtle setting that I observe the difference between the two mentioned "effects".
In this context I have a request to the author to update this plugin for 64bit fb2k v.2.
This is the only better available foobar plugin of this kind and I have no need to replace it with anything else.
Thanks for your comment..

Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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yeah, its a diff reverb model. It is superior, and should still be in there.

There is differing reverb models apart from Freeverb too I want to look into for foo_dsp_effect, to remove the reliance on DirectX crap, since I want to port that code to my Raspberry Pi 4 for a completely unrelated project.

Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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Thank again Mudlord for your answer.
At the same time, I apologize for "reviving" this thread if it's not desired. On the other hand, this component (freeverb v0.3) doesn't deserve to fall into dust and oblivion.
Once again, I've re-read what I wrote.. so I'll just clarify so there is no confusion as to which two components I was primarily comparing, so..
"freeverb v0.3" and "Reverb" from Effects plugin.. one would await it's identical, actually it's not and for me is freeverb v0.3 simply superior at very gentle WET values up to 3 or 4 max.
The "Waves Reverb (DirectX)" from Effects plugin was meant as that component, with which I can't achieve anywhere the same illusion.
This is just to clarify, so that there is no mistake, how i meant it.
I would certainly appreciate it if you Mudlord could further cultivate this component, with all respect to your free time and priorities, of course. I'm sorry to bother you with this, but it's an essential component for me, and the "Reverb" from the Effects plugin doesn't replace it, unfortunately. Please ignore this comment, in case you understood me like this.

Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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I'll have to look up whether I still have the very old freeverb code in the tree.

The main difference IIRC was the scaling of coefficients depending on the input sample rate. Which could indeed account for algorithmic differences. If not, I can just search online for the original Freeverb effect and backport that to my implementation.

Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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Done. x64 only.

Had to convert all DSP math to double precision (since 64bit builds only use 64bit DSP samples), but here it is. Simple recompile with most recent SDK and most modern MSVC.

As for the reverb in the main effect component, I wanna replace Freeverb there with something a bit more robust, with decent support for early reflections and things. Waves Reverb is indeed quite crap and was bundled with DirectX since DirectX8, which is super old.

Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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Mudlord, thank you very much for your willingness, effort and time!!  
I really hadn't counted on such an immediate response, sincere thanks again.
It's great that you plan to improve this component in Effects plug-in further.


Re: Freeverb for foobar2000

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Well the thing is I was in a sufficiently good mood and motivated enough to work on it :)

 As for your DM, I don't accept donations on principle. I feel donations then makes me feel like working on this and many other things like a job, which I absolutely never want to turn it into or make my hobbies feel like.  I do have a proper job and other income sources to make money.

Took about 10 minutes. I have no problem with putting this version of Freeverb back in dsp_effect and adding another reverb effect to compliment it.

But for the time being, this component will do. I think.