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Foobar2000 controller app

Hi to all,

I am new to foobar and the forum and I would like to enlist the help of members please.

I am running foobar (v1.5.1.)on a windows 10 Pc and it works great. I would like to control the player remotely from an Android device. I have down loaded the ‘Foobar2000 Controller’ App and installed the executable file (v2.0.1.) on the PC from the app developer’s webpage. I have followed all the installation advice and double checked everything.

Unfortunately I am unable to get the app to connect with the PC. The app says it cannot connect with the PC and suggests the IP address is wrong, which it isn’t. The foobar console displays the following error message: foo_httpcontrol error: couldn't load

If I access the foobar preferences dialogue box - HTTP control and click on, I get the following:
Something went wrong: no templates found!
Possible explanation: you forgot to get yourself a template, or extracted it into a wrong place.
Check foobar2000 console (View/console) for path where templates are expected to be found.
Get templates!

Is anyone able to decode these messages for a beginner and tell me what I am doing wrong and what I need to do? Sorry if this has been asked before but most relevant posts relate to more than a few years ago and do not address my issue.

With kind regards

Re: Foobar2000 controller app

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You should download "UPnP MediaRenderer Output" for PC and "BubbleUPnP" for Android. In foobar2000, select BubbleUPnP as the output device. "File > Preferences > Playback > Output".