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Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Why WAV tags doesn't appear in Windows Explorer?
Last post by DVDdoug -
Metadata for WAV files isn't well-standardized or widely supported.   But from my limited experience Windows Media Player CAN read them.    Almost every other format is better for tagging (probably because WAV is the oldest format).

No tags appear except the bitrate and file type. Even the duration is 0:00.
You don't need tags for that.

FLAC / Re: re-encoding flac files with a new encoder
Last post by Porcus -
I kinda married FLAC myself, and at a time when storage was more expensive. Slightly unfaithful when WavPack serves special purposes. I like WavPack (and I'm impressed at TAK) - but not enough to migrate.
FLAC / Re: re-encoding flac files with a new encoder
Last post by MrRom92 -
For me it’s FLAC or bust. Extreme compression isn’t the ultimate priority enough to drive me towards another format, just more a side goal of trying to have a well maintained FLAC library in its most optimized form. To me, no more different than trying to make sure tags are correct, folders are well organized, etc.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: New unwanted behaviour with Chrome Remote Desktop
Last post by Peter -
Thanks for the bug report.

I tried doing the same (foobar2000 v1.6.11, screen shared via Chrome Remote Desktop), everything seemed normal after disconnecting.
Can anyone else trigger this bug?
Were there any relevant messages logged in foobar2000 console (View > Console)?
What output mode are you using, Primary Sound Driver or other, exclusive or not? Or something completely different, provided by a component?
Posting a full list of components installed (Preferences > Components > Copy Report) could help also.
Development - (fb2k) / Re: New SDK with foobar2000 v2.0 features released (2022-08-10)
Last post by Peter -
I do have a question for @Peter : Is it possible to switch between 32-bit floats and 64-bit floats internally in the 64-bit version or is 64-bit version only 64-bit float?  Moving stuff between some effect and conversion DSPs and certain freeware DAWs that top out at 32-bits floats comes to mind.
It's the format used to transfer data between different components, a part of the specification - changing it breaks all components that touch it.
Since this is the last historical opportunity to make such change (64bit foobar2000 can't load old components), I opted for changing the format to be futureproof, as there will not be another new major release that needs new components.
If your specific audio processing library needs 32bit float, that's cool, conversion is practically free compared to any other kind of audio workload, especially now that SSE2 or ARM Neon available on every machine running foobar2000.

So these dark mode helpers have it ridiculously easy to implement dark mode for all my dialogs so huge thanks to Peter for that.

But I'm a bit stumped with this menu/toolbar because it doesn't appear as any kind of window when checking it out with Spy++?? I don't even what kind of control it is??? It's fair to say I have no idea what I'm doing....  :))  :))
Heh, I don't use normal menus anywhere, only rebar control with text-only toolbar... Will investigate this for the next SDK update.

Does this effect the current state of Visual Studio Compatibility at all?
VS2017 with Windows 10 SDK works, after manually setting proper toolchain & SDK versions in all projects.
Dark mode stuff needs declarations from the Windows 10 SDK.
FLAC / Re: re-encoding flac files with a new encoder
Last post by Porcus -
If you use bleeding-edge git builds for recompressing your working set, and an older flac in foobar2000, then foo_bitcompare will verify that an official build decodes them to what they are supposed to be. (This is "better" than using -V, which will decode using the same executable, and if code is recycled between encoding and decoding, errors might be mirrored. I have never seen that happen though, but it is an easy fix that is kinda free.)

If you are really adamant about size, you can go for a different codec than FLAC. WavPack -hx4m ("m" for MD5) is exciting, but I don't know if it can still beat the new FLAC builds using -8pe -A tonsofthem. (You can specify up to 31 functions, but partial_tukey(n) and punchout_tukey(n) count as n each.) For high resolution material, ktf's most recent test measures quite some difference (CDDA here). But it depends on the kind of music as well.

WavPack is FOSS and has third-party implementations. If you want to sacrifice the FOSS principle, ffmpeg has FOSS decoders for TAK (including multichannel) and Monkey's (stereo only). Beyond that, you are in frog territory.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Search-by-Distance-SMP
Last post by paregistrase -
Placebo. Only thing changed was the composer/custom string tags error.
Maybe too much 80's Hard Rock/heavy Metal songs in my library  :D
Tip: You can create a recipe and put a query filter for those, so they don't appear anymore. Or Only 80s/heavy rock tracks with 5 rating.

I was using an 80 metal track specifically (nostalgic syndrome), not problem about that, but was surprising the variety of artists in the result. But thinking about it is logic, I have a lot of music of that decade.

After a bit of music_graph_descriptors edits and adding a few alias, I didn't have problems anymore with strange genres or artists included in the final list.

The tagging of keys, bpm, etc is reaching a good % of the library so that's helping too.

Only thing missing at now is that I didn't have mood in almost any file (only the allmusic ones) and have to make it weight 0. Maybe if the essentia tool thing is solved this could be sorted out.

WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by bennetng -
Thank you very much! Here is what I got from a CDDA image I encoded many years ago using WavPack 4 with high setting, I am using i3-12100, 16GB DDR4 on Windows 10 and Firefox:
Code: [Select]
It took 27094 milliseconds to decode the file
We decoded 187598460 samples
Another CDDA image encoded with WavPack 5 fast settings:
Code: [Select]
It took 10299 milliseconds to decode the file
We decoded 133040880 samples
I repeated the test several times and got similar results.