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Topic: Help with a "theme"using $imageabs() and el_playlist (Read 2947 times) previous topic - next topic
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Help with a "theme"using $imageabs() and el_playlist

Hey All.
I recently attempted to modify a theme which i got from here

I only wanted to add covers to the group header with a simple enough line

$imageabs(27,7,208,208,%el_group_first_path%,artreader nokeepaspect,,,)

The covers are ok but on some occasions the cover art is of poor quality even thou the cover scans are of high quality
Sometimes the art is not the cover only some other image from the album folder or if there is another folder like "scans" or whatever in the album folder it takes a image from there.
It doesn't happen with random albums but with the same ones.The files appear to not have any stored images.
I don't know the cause for this.Maybe you can help me.

Help with a "theme"using $imageabs() and el_playlist

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Hello MaKa,
I also encountered this problem once, when implementing a button .png with $imageabs. At first it was very blurred and distorted, after a few fb2k restarts it finally looked as it should. It might be a problem with the width and height dimensions, considering that the foobar image rendering engine might not be the best. My guess would be that this happens if the target aspect ratio is different to the original.

Btw, thank you for the skin link, I happen to be working on my own Zune foobar skin

Help with a "theme"using $imageabs() and el_playlist

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$albumart(x,y,w,h,target,OPTIONS,n,alpha,OPTIONS2) displays the  image specified by foobar2000 core API and may be preferable to using $imageabs.

However, ensure that the resize quality is correctly set in the behaviour tab and that no embedded image is present. Also note that for both $albumart and $imageabs functions, after the image is resized, it is cached on the memory. Either function should be fine unless you are changing the displayed image size when it is likely to lose sharpness upon enlargement. To prevent this you can use the following which does not cache the image:

$drawimage(x,y,w,h,path,OPTIONS,n,alpha). This function is best described in the panel stack splitter.txt file.


Help with a "theme"using $imageabs() and el_playlist

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Be sure that you haven't an embedded image with a bad quality, because it will be displayed in priority, so the one stored as a standalone file specified in the cover path won't.

if no embedded image, adjust the quality of the displayed images in ELP in the settings :