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General Audio / Re: Why wasn't there ever a VHS based consumer audio format?
Last post by Nikaki -
Wouldn't the vast majority of cassettes be the ones we made ourselves?
Yeah. But... from what? FM radio recordings were going to sound crap anyway. And if you had a CD player, then you wouldn't bother with cassettes to begin with. And almost no one I knew was buying metal grade cassettes anyway, only normal and chrome. Which I why I believe that the majority of people don't actually know how good cassette can actually sound.

I found a video about exactly this subject. "Cassettes - better than you don't remember":
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: TAK 2.3.1 Beta 1
Last post by [JAZ] -

The AMD chips got support for SSE2 quite later than Intel (Mostly since Athlon 64), but sure that PC of yours has more than 10 years (and possibly more than 12).

While it always feels bad that some software that you use stop working, in this case I would consider this the natural course of events and not try to stop this change. More so when this change does not stop it working, but only make it work slower.

( MMX and SSE code does not work well together. Also, SSE (non-2) cannot do integer arithmetic like MMX, so it's either MMX or SSE2 )
Audio Hardware / Re: Subwoofer advice needed
Last post by Fairy -
Thank you DVDdoug,

Good to hear 1 sub is a good option. 2 subs would be a serious hassle to fit because I have a huge fishtank that is situated with the CM10's footprint in mind and a little extra space around them, so fitting one sub is already a challenge.

The living room is quite large, but I just cannot lift the aquarium and shift it some inches to the left. It weighs around 1500 kilo's.

PS, my amplifier (C388 NAD) does have stereo subwoofer pre-outs. So that is taken care of.
Every quality subwoofer I know has stereo inputs so that is not a problem.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
I just haven't released a new version yet, but as you may have seen there is a fair amount of changes pending release.

The next version will be 1.0.0 alpha 1. There are a few things I'd like to tidy up before releasing it, and I'd prefer for foobar2000 1.4 to be out of beta.

So you'll have have to wait a bit longer for a new release, but if you're curious enough there are compilation instructions in the repo's readme.
Audio Hardware / Re: Subwoofer advice needed
Last post by DVDdoug -
For some reason putting 1 sub in a pure stereo setup sounds wrong to me, but maybe I'm mistaken.
Deep bass is "non-directional",  it's usually bass is centered in the mix (identical in both channels), and typically there is only one subwoofer output from your receiver (or computer, etc.).    However, it looks like those subs have a built-in crossover so you may have a bit more flexibility. 

With multiple woofers/subs there is more opportunity to minimize the effects of standing waves but there are (almost) always compromises and most home systems use only one sub.

They sound fine, but I somehow I like the port on the back closed....

...I deliberately opted for a sealed enclosure because I like the sound more.
Of course you should go with the sound you prefer.    But, you can make a good speaker either way and there are lots of design factors & compromises and lots of ways to make a good speaker (and even more ways to make a bad speaker :D) ).    
Audio Hardware / Subwoofer advice needed
Last post by Fairy -
At this moment I have the NAD C388 and B&W CM10 s2 speakers.

They sound fine, but I somehow I like the port on the back closed. This gives the most accurate bassnotes, but at the same time the very lowest end is missing a little bit (I think). Subwoofers just go quite a lot deeper.

I have been looking at fairly affordable subs that have a good match with my main speakers and I narrowed it down to the SVS SB-1000 and the SVS SB-2000. I deliberately opted for a sealed enclosure because I like the sound more.

I'm a bit tight on space and doubt between 2 sb1000 subs or 1 sb-2000. For some reason putting 1 sub in a pure stereo setup sounds wrong to me, but maybe I'm mistaken.

With some creativity I can place the SB-2000 next to my right speaker (corner), but placing 2 sb-1000's is a quite a challenge and also not wife proof I'm afraid..

Would love to hear your opinions. Should I just stick with the single SB-2000 and be happy with it, or should I go the (almost impossible) 2x SB-1000 route or maybe there are even people saying "buy 2 or buy none". I'd love to hear the opinions!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: CaTRoX (QWR Edition): fb2k theme
Last post by MordredKLB -
After a lot of thinking, I went with the simpler solution of making discHeader just a special case of Row. I'm not entirely happy with this, but the interaction with Header got complicated, and it allowed me to handle one special case really well.

Code: [Select]
    function initialize_rows(playlist_items, playlist_size) {
        // Magic! For some reason using array[i] instead of IFbMetadbHandleList.Item(i) greatly increases performance :\
        var playlist_items_arr = [];
        for (var i = 0; i < playlist_size; ++i) {
            playlist_items_arr[i] = playlist_items.Item(i);

var rows = [];
var disc, lastDisc = '';
var tfo = fb.TitleFormat('$ifgreater(%totaldiscs%,1,,false)[' + tf.disc_subtitle + ']');
var disc_group = fb.TitleFormat('%album artist% %album% %edition% %discnumber%' + tf.disc_subtitle);

for (var i = 0; i < playlist_size; ++i) {
discHeader = false;
if (tfo.EvalWithMetadb(playlist_items_arr[i]) !== 'false') {
disc = disc_group.EvalWithMetadb(playlist_items_arr[i]);
if (disc != lastDisc) {
discHeader = true;
lastDisc = disc;
            rows[i] = new Row(that.list_x, 0, that.list_w, discHeader ? that.row_h * 2 : that.row_h, playlist_items_arr[i], i, cur_playlist_idx, discHeader);
            if (!g_properties.show_header) {
                rows[i].is_odd = (i + 1) % 2;

        return rows;
So discHeaders are a row that's double height, and in the Row.draw I just check for the discHeader flag, and adjust what and where I draw the text. This solution handles multi-disc releases with and without subtitles, single disc releases with a subtitle (I just don't show the Disc 1 in that case), and if for example, I've got a single disc reissue which combines multiple releases, I can just tag tracks 10-15 with a discsubtitle of "1985 Demo" and the header will show in the middle of the track list which is what I want.

The one problem with doing this is that it almost doubles the speed of initialize_rows, although I can still load 30k entries in <700ms which seems acceptable. I also think that's a problem even creating a DiscHeader object type would still run into because you're going to be forced to do a bunch of TF queries. The other problem is that I can't think of a "clean" way to get the run time of the individual disc, something that would be much simpler with DiscHeader.
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