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NPDT Process

So, this Greek dude claims he has fixed digital music forever. He has some examples on his YouTube. He remains tight-lipped about his process so he can make money off of it, and even has a Patreon. Is he for real, or just another snake oil salesman?

Re: NPDT Process

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Not that I bother to scrutinize it much, but

.....why do your ears ring coming out of any bar/club/live concert regardless of the audio setup being used?

That is an observation some of us have made yes.


Health benefit: NPDT ProcessĀ© will protect your ears from ultrasonic frequencies. Music at night clubs will no longer be excrutiating to bear even at extreme decibels.

A low-pass filter does indeed allow for higher volume. Skeptical? It took the night to believe!

Also he promises:
Music is in perfect tune, which will make a ton of difference for people with "absolute" hearing like myself.
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're autotuned enough.

Sorry not sorry for not taking it serious.

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Re: NPDT Process

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A lot of his complaints with digital music are very similar to those of heavy dynamic compression. To be fair, digital music does allow this extreme dynamic compression, so that sound is what many believe digital 'sounds like'.

edit - I've listened to some samples. Sounds like a tuned multi band compressor

Also, he's an idiot

"A CD contains all the musical information we need BUT not without the following 2 major FLAWS:

1) NOISE: Music information is mixed with noise and as a result a new "hybrid" sound is created.

2) OUT OF TUNE: Music is literally out of tune, off key."

Re: NPDT Process

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Two things that I noticed from quick listening of Fuel from Metallica.
Higher frequencies are reduced, stereo effect is reduced.

Edit: This is what happens when you order MQA from Wish lol

Re: NPDT Process

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I'm not going to bother reading/watching it...

He remains tight-lipped about his process so he can make money off of it, and even has a Patreon
A patent has to be published so you can't keep it a secret. 

I'm always super-skeptical about any secret audio processes because almost everything that can be done with DSP has been done and is well understood.   Any "new idea" probably isn't really new and probably not that hard to do.   Some things like AutoTune had to wait for processing power to come-around.     As processing power increases we'll probably get better un-mixing and at some point artificial singers.

Celemony does seems to have a secret algorithm for Capstan and they probably have a patent but they aren't making claims of a "new discovery" or "new theory" and in-time other people will figure-out how to duplicate it (and the price will come down).

Aphex made money from the "secret" Aural Exciter but there weren't computers in every studio and in every home that could easily analyze what it was doing.   Now exciter effects are easy to find.

Re: NPDT Process

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Maybe NPDT should merge with MQA...


Re: NPDT Process

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Question 4: You are not telling us what NPDT Process does and you are not offering high quality samples for A/B comparison, do you expect that we just trust you and give you our money?

Answer: No, you shouldn't trust a total stranger. A hater recently said something which he served as a condemnation, but actually is very positive.
You should BELIEVE in NPDT ProcessĀ©.


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