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Re-ripping - saving old ID3 tags?

I am about to rerip my CD collection and I'll be encoding to FLAC and MP3.  I've spent a lot of time fixing all the ID3 tags of my old files (mp3).  Is there a way to save these old tags and overwrite the new tags with this information?  Thanks!


Re-ripping - saving old ID3 tags?

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got foobar?
Then put your old files in a playlist, and your new files in the same order directly below them in the playlist.

Right click>Tagging>Copy info between files.

Re-ripping - saving old ID3 tags?

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I think this option needs a "are you sure box"  becuase when you first use it and are like hmm i wonder if theres a gui you drag from or something and then BLAM! whatever was selected... well you know..  Its just as bad as deletion if you think about it.

any seconders here? =)

Re-ripping - saving old ID3 tags?

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um. it does give you a gui, to ask you which tags to copy..
err... i'm not using windows any more ;)

Re-ripping - saving old ID3 tags?

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Thanks everyone... that should save me a ton of time.  Will this also work for MP3 -> FLAC?  I.E. can I copy MP3 ID3 tags to FLAC tag info in the same manner?


Re-ripping - saving old ID3 tags?

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The most important thing is that foobar's copy tags works by playlist order. So if you are doing a lot of files at once it helps to use the same naming scheme and do "sort by file name". That way you won't end up with tags applied to the wrong files.

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