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Album Artist Fields

I noticed that with one of the recent upgrades to fb2k it no longer recognised my album artist tags (which were using the <ensemble> value). I then found later that fb2k has its album artist fields to detect anything with the <album artist> as the value.

Some people use <ensemble> others use <albumartist> and still others use <album artist> (as shown by fb2k's update). Is there a concensus? What do most people use for their album artist tags? Wouldn't it be more consistent to have <albumartist> as most other values tend to be one-worded? (i.e. <totaldiscs> and <discnumber>) Where did <ensemble> come from?

Album Artist Fields

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I've been using <album artist> in foobar 0.8.3 since I began using such tags. I realise it does break the one word tag convention, but it works well anyway.
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Album Artist Fields

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I guess it doesn't really matter as there sadly are no such thing as an "Album Artist" defined in the id3 specs.  HMM for instance uses it's own TXXX to define "#Helium Album Artist", but I still haven't decided if I should just use that, or convert it to "album artist".

IMHO fb2k's tag-implementation are crap. It doesn't recognize standard tagging fields such as TLAN or other if they are specified. Not even foo_infobox shows these.
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Album Artist Fields

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ALBUM ARTIST, as it's what fooby's preferences box uses.
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Album Artist Fields

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Foobar2000 and loose tagging methods are just too darn flexible.    You make the call what you want to use, like it or not.  I personally think ALBUMARTIST would be more logical for the name of a text tag, but hey...

FYI: For ID3... Apple iTunes 7, Microsoft media products (WMP, MCE, Vista shell, etc.) and some others use TPE2 (aka "Band") as the equivalent for "Album Artist" in MP3.  SlimServer can be set to use that, too.

Album Artist Fields

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If iTunes uses TPE2 I suppose Winamp uses it too.
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Album Artist Fields

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MS started to use the TPE2 tag (Band/Orchestra) for album artist. I don't know why they did such a stupid move. Possibly that was because, as said, ID3v2 does not have a tag for Album Artist and they were not aware about the possibility to use a TXXX tag like foobar does.

I suppose MS doesn't care about those users who have used the TPE2 tag for its intended purpose for years. I have tagged the TPE2 tag whenever the artist is accompanied with a specific band or orchestra (that is not the same as the artist or album artist). Mostly these are classical works.

Apple followed this stupid trend with iTunes 7.

Luckily, I don't have to use WMP or iTunes.


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