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audio at 8/16/24kb?

I have a really slow internet conection (14kb!)

I would like to play

at home, even at a lower quality, but the slowest windows media player will play it is 32kb ( so its always buffering  )

is there another program that will play it at a slower quality or is there a hack/plugin to make WMP do it.

Im sick of having to go to the library to listen

or another option, is there a way of recording it onto a website, so I can download it as a file 

audio at 8/16/24kb?

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You can try to contact the original content provider about adding live stream at a lower bit rate. Windows Media 9 supports so called MBR (Multiple Bit Rate) streams, which contain sub-streams at different rates.

It is also posible to capture a stream using VLC media player. Edit: it appears that VLC cannot capture this stream  .

audio at 8/16/24kb?

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A 14.4k modem connection is simply too slow to handle audio streams. Factor in overhead and network congestion, and the actual speed of your connection is likely closer to 10k/s. The lowest streams I've ever seen are 32 kb/s, though most streams don't offer anything below 64kb/s.

So you won't be able to listen to streams in real time, but it's possible there is an application (VLC was mentioned) that could capture streams for you to listen to later. But that's beyond my knowledge.


audio at 8/16/24kb?

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At a bitrate that low, I don't think music would even be listenable.

audio at 8/16/24kb?

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He's asking for 14kbps, which may in fact be less than that (due to network overhead).

And I have tried SBR+PS, it's okay, but I don't like it very much. It does sound pretty decent considering the low bitrate though.

audio at 8/16/24kb?

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Oh i can see where this is going.

"RadioStation42 - Live from under the sea!"
err... i'm not using windows any more ;)

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